A Mini Summer Packing List for Summer’s Last Hurrah

Weekend Trip Packing List

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It feels weird saying “summer’s last hurrah” since it feels like summer only just began, but my birthday is Friday and as I have always said, when my birthday hits, summer is pretty much done.

Everything after that point feels like it goes by in superspeed. That was always my experience when I was younger and it feels even more so now.

That being said I have seen a few people that I know posting photos of their children’s first days of school already. So I know that summer has already ended for many.

Here the official last day is Labour Day which is the first Monday in September.

School starts back up on the Tuesday after the long weekend.

This means that everyone is starting to cram as many mini-vacations as possible before the big day, and this post is for different versions of those vacations.

My teenager already went on one of those mini-vacations when she and her friends got on the wrong bus today and ended up 40 minutes away in another city. Tom had to leave work to go get her at 10 tonight because she was stuck at a bus terminal in the sketchy downtown area.

Talk about ageing 10 extra years tonight. Jeez. Happy birthday to me.

Back to business…If you are looking for more cottagey looks then I have a weekend cottage packing list for you that I posted a few weeks ago.

The goal is to learn how to pack light so that you can fit everything into a weekender and call it a day. Who wants to bring a big suitcase for a trip that is only a few days?

My husband always thinks that I am high maintenance but he really hasn’t had to experience what being high maintenance really entails 😉

I am very minimalist in my hair and makeup which allows me to keep that portion of packing, light as well.

Except for a hairdryer. I need a hairdryer or else I will have a perpetual bad hair day.

I kept the palette of this packing list mostly neutral with a cool tone element which I find to be very chic, versatile, and easy to wear.

With only a handful of pieces, you should easily have enough looks to put together a minimum of a week worth of outfits.

A few of the pieces that I have from this list are the flats (I have them in red, blue, and caramel) and I find them very comfortable. I also have the Vejas in a different colourway and they are one of my favourite pairs of sneakers.

I use that black tote all the time. It is a heavy canvas that is sturdy and deep so it holds a lot. I always bring it on my errands because it is easy to toss in most of my purchases.

I don’t have those exact earrings but I love Kenneth Jay Lane stuff, especially his vintage jewellery (which you can find on Etsy).

The black cropped tee is one of my staples this summer, and I just ordered the sweatshirt but in a different print. This one is also on my list because I have never seen a Sleater-Kinney sweatshirt before and when I saw it I knew I had to have it.

So if you are heading out of town for a couple of days and wondering what you should pack for a mini-vacation, then this post might be for you.

I’ve put together a group of outfits below for various touristy types of activities.

I hope this takes the stress out of packing so that you can just focus on having a good time.

Stay safe.

What to Wear on a Weekend Getaway

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T-shirt | Bodysuit | Button Up | Sweatshirt | Dress | Blazer | Jeans | Trousers | Pyjamas | Bra | Underwear | Earrings | Sunglasses | Sneakers | Flats | Purse | Tote | Weekender |

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Underwear | Black Trousers | Grey Purse | Blazer | Dress |

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  1. Just wondering how one keeps things like button ups, blazers and trousers looking good after being packed or worn during a trip? I would love to look polished and bring these items on a holiday but the thought of having to iron during a vacay seems too daunting.
    Love your outfits!

    • Hi Jenn, thanks so much! I either pack a mini travel steamer, hang it in a steamy bathroom, shake it out and hope for the best, or just pack linen which is basically meant to be wrinkled 😂

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