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I was good with no purchases last week, but this week I bought a couple of vintage things. They are actually from the same seller, so it was like a happy accident.

I have been searching for a suede, fringed jacket and found one from the 70s that I hope looks as nice in person. I started searching their store and saw a vintage 1950s letterman sweater.

It is red wool with a W on it which is perfect. I have looked at them over the years but have never found a colour that I liked with a letter that worked for my name.

So it was a jacket purchase with a bonus sweater find. It kind of works for the preppy vibe because…

This week I was kind of getting excited over a distorted preppy aesthetic, so I made a capsule wardrobe for it with an explanation of my thought process in that post.

It’s a fun aesthetic. I find that it exercises my style creativity when I play around with different aesthetics.

I also made a French style inspired capsule wardrobe digital style guide that also contains a bonus weekend packing list.

The preppy wardrobe made me REALLY want to get the track jacket/blazer hybrid. It’s such a statement piece.

Maybe some other day.

Weekly Reads and some videos:

Ai Weiwei Uses 650,000 Lego Bricks for Recreation of Monet’s Monumental ‘Water Lilies’

‘The Lost King’ Dramatizes the Search for Richard III’s Remains. This looks GOOD. The trailer is about mid page in the article.

Explore the Hereford Mappa Mundi, the Largest Medieval Map Still in Existence

Florida school principal fired for showing students Michelangelo’s David sculpture. This is insanity.

The Assassin’s Teapot

The Humbling Tyranny Of The Photos Our Kids Take Of Us

Jurassic Park but with a Cat

How Loneliness Reshapes the Brain

The Story Of The Sword Duel Between Two Topless, Aristocratic Women

Tens of Thousands of 12,000-Year-Old Rock Paintings Found in Colombia: The Sistine Chapel pf the Ancients.

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A Distorted Preppy Capsule Wardrobe for Spring

A white background with 32 items including clothes, shoes and accessories for a Distorted Preppy spring capsule wardrobe.

T-shirt | Polo Shirt | Short Sleeve Sweatshirt | Pink Button Up | Oversized Button Up | Rugby Shirt | Sweatshirt | Navy Sweater | Red Sweater | Cardigan | Pleated Skirt | Jeans | Striped Trousers | Navy Blue Trousers | Khakis | Navy Blue Dress | Shirt Dress | Blazer | Trench | Sunglasses | Scarf | Belt | Hat | Belt Bag | Snake Print Bag | Green Bag | Orange Tote | Heels | Mules | Flats | Loafers | Sneakers

It wasn’t until 11 o’clock last night when I was pulling pieces and posting inspirational looks to my Instagram stories that I decided on a preppy capsule wardrobe for tonight.

I had no idea what direction I was going this week and was feeling frustrated with a lack of inspiration when I noticed a trend.

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Weekly Reads and Finds

I had a craving for something sweet tonight and was going to order some Krispy Kreme but it was closed for delivery, so we ended up with Sweet Jesus instead.

I love the name of that place, it makes me laugh.

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