What I Wore This Week

I am wearing a black silk blouse, Agolde jeans, black Zara slides, a vintage snake necklace, and a vintage Miu Miu bag.
I am wearing a blue t-shirt, Agolde jeans, yellow block hhels, a link necklace, and a vintage magazine clutch.
I am wearing a jumpsuit, oversized white blouse, black slides, a belt bag, and Le Spec sunglasses.
I am wearing an Anine Bing sweatshirt, faux leather trousers, a Jenny Bird necklace, green flats, and a grey Zara bag.

Outfit 1 – Silk Button Up | Jeans | Sandals | Vintage Necklace | Vintage Miu Miu Bag |
Outfit 2 – T-Shirt | Jeans | Necklace | Magazine Clutch | Block Heels (similar) |
Outfit 3 – Jumpsuit | Button Up | Slides | Bum Bag (similar) | Sunglasses |
Outfit 4 – Sweatshirt | Trousers (similar) | Flats (similar) | Bag (old) | Necklace |

It is a long weekend here, which is always nice albeit disorienting when it comes to what day it is. Nothing special, just a Civic Holiday that always falls on the first Monday in August. It is also my birthday week.

My birthday is on Friday, I’ll be 42. I had to stop and think about that for a bit because I thought it was 43 for a few minutes. Time is a blur.

I was up really late last night, like 4:30-ish because Merle would not go to sleep. I’m surprised she wasn’t exhausted because I took her for a walk yesterday that was 8kms and I thought for sure she would be knocked out at a decent time.

Apparently, it had the opposite effect.

It also made us sleep in really late today which I am sure will come back to bite me in the ass when bedtime rolls around shortly.

Bad habits. This pandemic has instilled some very bad habits in all of us.

It also feels freezing out right now and I am loving it. Almost like a cold fall night when you need a sweater and jacket. I know that it will be back to boob sweat again in a couple of days, but man, I do love it right now.

My hands are freezing while typing this because I am sitting by the open window, and Merle put on one of the 6 hour long videos on the TV of the Christmas fireplaces and is watching A Christmas Story on the laptop because she said this weather puts her in the Christmas mood.

Now, all we need is the Christmas tree.

Speaking of Christmas, I bought my first Christmas present for the season last week. It was just a Harry Potter charm bracelet that I found on Poshmark, but it will be perfect.

It feels weird to be getting in this season again.

I also ordered a couple of parts for Merle’s Halloween costume. The girls are really into the videogame Dead by Daylight, and they are each dressing up as their favourite characters.

Roo has never really loved Halloween for the Trick or Treating aspect, she just loves putting together costumes.

I’m pretty excited to see how they come together.

Also, I just got the Spirit Halloween Opening Soon notification and I couldn’t be more excited.

We literally go there 3 times a week when it is open.

Have a great week, and stay safe.

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  1. we’ve just had our first break in the intense heat down south, and it feels glorious. i’ve already started getting myself psyched up for halloween, i am more than ready for the movies, the decor, the overall ambience that comes with the Fall season. i’m looking forward to seeing how your girls’ costumes turn out! i massively failed this past christmas, so i’ve tried to redeem myself and have already ordered a present for my husband. that’s so sweet that Merle is getting herself ready for christmas! i did appreciate Hallmark’s christmas in july theme, but it was just too hot to really get in the holiday spirit.

    • My favourite tine if year is from October to after Christmas. Everything is just so much more enjoyable and special feeling. We’ve been having bouts of intense heat mixed with cool days which is very weird for here. We are generally pretty hot from July to mid September before it starts to cool, but this year it’s been extra hot, then extra cool. Nothing really within the normal range.
      As for Christmas I kind of feel like I need to get it all done ASAP just in case shit hits the fan again. They closed us down right at the start of December last year which really effed up Christmas shopping for most people. Everything is still so surreal and almost mechanical, like I’m looking down and watching me live life daily, it doesn’t really feel like I actually am living it. I hope you’re well.

  2. ooof, all that flip flopping with the weather sounds like it’d wreak havoc on your sinuses and get one of those awful summertime colds. this past christmas was honestly just flat. like you, things were either closed, or what was available wasn’t exactly the best selection. the christmas tree lots were so sad. we ended up buying a fake tree and it just felt off. at the moment, we’re pivoting back to where we were last year, and it’s just so frustrating. i like your description of how everything still feels surreal, like you’re watching some weird version of your life. it’s still such a gamble to try and plan for anything even remotely in the near future. i think having some Christmas gifts already sorted would at least make the atmosphere a bit brighter and there’s things to look forward to 🙂

  3. Happy birthday! 42 is the best number, what with being the answer to life, the universe and everything. Now if only we knew the question…

    When we get a gray and rainy day here my four year old like for me to make her hot cocoa with marshmallows (and a gingebread latte for me, because I am the kind of person who has at least one bottle of gingerbread or pumpkin spice syrup year round). Then I turn on my Xmas music playlist and we watch youtube videos of Xmas lights on mute. Usually either a Dyker Heights walking tour and/or the Saks 5th Avenue light show.

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