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It’s my birthday…42 times around the sun. Twenty years ago I would have been drinking copious amounts of beer at a bar, while I get a birthday song dedication of Guns N’ Roses: Paradise City. Then I would have proceeded to go home very late and sleep the entire next day away.

Now I am waiting for my dinner delivery, contemplating ordering some kind of cake-ish dessert, and mentally debating the pros and cons of going to bed at an actual decent time tonight.

Oh, how times change.

Not that I want to have a hangover. I haven’t had one in 17 years and I do not miss them one bit.

I was a hanger-on type of hangover person. It would often take 2 days for me to feel better which is one of the main reasons that I don’t drink.

As for presents? I don’t get to report my birthday gifts yet because I am still waiting for everything to come in the mail, but I am pretty excited about their arrival.

Aside from that and last night’s “excitement” with Roo and the wrong bus, I didn’t do much today. Laundry, drugstore, that’s about it.

I think that I am old enough that non-eventful is something that I strive for.

It’s much less tiring.

Stay safe.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sara!! Home delivered dinner and happily waiting for your online shopping to arrive .. sounds like a good day to me. Enjoy!

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