A Fall Packing List with Travel Outfit Ideas

A White background with an image at the top of a Copenhagen walkway lined with buildings. Underneath are a selection of pieces to pack for 10 days in Copenhagen.

T-shirt | Turtleneck | Long Sleeve | Blouse | Grey Sweater | Black Sweater | Cream Sweater | Jeans | Black Trousers | Brown Trousers | Lounge Pants | Dress | Blazer | Coat | Sunglasses | Beret | Boots | Flats | Sneakers | Handbag | Tote

I haven’t done a fall packing list in a while, and this actually started as a fall capsule wardrobe with a focus on the colour red, but I diverted. There has been an upswing in Copenhagen Packing List searches on my site so I thought I would run with that since my other posts are old.

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Ten Tips for a Summer Holiday Packing List

A white background with the image of a sunset and palm trees at the top. Below that is a list of 21 items to pack for a summer vacation.

Tank Top | T-shirt | Wrap Top | Vest | Button Up | Red Sweatshirt | Black Blazer | Black Dress | Pink Dress | Grey Jeans | Tan Trousers | Black Trousers | Swimsuit | Lion Earrings | Black and Gold Earrings | Sunglasses | Black Sandals | Red And Pink Sandals | Sneakers | Yellow Handbag | White Fringe Purse |

I was tossing around some ideas this week, but ultimately I decided to go with a post on tips for a summer holiday packing list.

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A Spring Packing List 2022

Spring Packing List for Vacation

A white background with a photo of a downtown street full in spring bloom. Below is a layout of what you should pack for 10 days in spring.

T-shirt | White T-shirt | Blue Button-up | Long Button-up | Tunic | Sweater | Striped Sweater | Cardigan | Blazer | Dress | Jeans | Trousers | Polka Dot Trousers | Coat | Necklace | Earrings | Sunglasses | Scarf | Chunky Shoes | Flats | Sneakers | Orange Purse | Black Tote

I haven’t made a packing list in a while. It felt weird and pointless with everything that was going on, but with so many restrictions worldwide starting to lift, people seem to be beginning to dip their toes into travelling again.

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The Ultimate Fall Packing List

Fall Packing List

What to Pack for a 10 Days in Fall Packing Light List

Band Tee | Blue T-shirt | Black Turtleneck | Chambray | Sweatshirt | Striped Sweater | Brown Cardigan | Check Blazer | Blue Jeans | Black Jeans | Trousers | Dress | Brown Overcoat | Beanie | Scarf | Sunglasses | Earrings | Brown Flats | Blue Sneakers | Black Boots | Black Purse | Brown Tote


Are people even going anywhere yet? I guess the question should be, should people be going anywhere?

Because I have in fact seen a lot of people (mainly US-based Instagram influencers) carrying on and travelling about as nothing has changed.

It’s actually quite infuriating to watch.

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What to Pack for a Summer Staycation

Summer Packing List

What to pack for a Summer Staycation

Tank Top Cami | Beatles T-shirt | Black Bodysuit | Wrap Blouse | Light Cardigan | Polka Dot Dress | Blazer | Trousers | Jeans | Linen Pants | Swimsuit | Scarf | Sunglasses | Earrings | Sneakers | Sandals | Crossbody | Summer Bag


Some of you might be asking what is a staycation, before you can even ask what to pack for a summer staycation.

But there doesn’t seem to be a clear-cut definition of what a staycation actually is.

Some people consider a staycation to be when you stay at your home for a vacation and find fun and entertaining things to do without leaving your abode.

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