What I Wore This Week

I am wearing a blue button up, vintage mens trousers, Boots, and a crossbody.
I am wearing an oversized button up, Agolde 90s jeans, Miu Miu flats, and a Everlane crossbody.
I am weariing joggers, a cashmere sweater, leather moto, Converse, Le Spec sunnies, and a black tote bag.
I am wearing a navy blue long dress, black faux leather trousers, Prada Loafers, and a crossbody.

Outfit 1 – Vintage Trousers | Button-Up | Boots (similar) | Crossbody
Outfit 2 – Oversized Button Up | Jeans| Miu Miu Flats | Crossbody
Outfit 3 – Cashmere Sweater | Joggers| Moto Jacket (similar) | Converse | Tote | Le Specs
Outfit 4 – Dress | Leather Trousers | Loafers | Crossbody

For some unknown serendipitous reason, Roo (my teenager) is cleaning her room…and without me asking. It was weird/funny how it happened but I am not going to question it.


Since the pandemic, she has been going to bed really, really late. It was like a weird mental shift that I heard a lot of teens went through.

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