What I Wore This Week

I am wearing a blue button up, vintage mens trousers, Boots, and a crossbody.
I am wearing an oversized button up, Agolde 90s jeans, Miu Miu flats, and a Everlane crossbody.
I am weariing joggers, a cashmere sweater, leather moto, Converse, Le Spec sunnies, and a black tote bag.
I am wearing a navy blue long dress, black faux leather trousers, Prada Loafers, and a crossbody.

Outfit 1 – Vintage Trousers | Button-Up | Boots (similar) | Crossbody
Outfit 2 – Oversized Button Up | Jeans| Miu Miu Flats | Crossbody
Outfit 3 – Cashmere Sweater | Joggers| Moto Jacket (similar) | Converse | Tote | Le Specs
Outfit 4 – Dress | Leather Trousers | Loafers | Crossbody

For some unknown serendipitous reason, Roo (my teenager) is cleaning her room…and without me asking. It was weird/funny how it happened but I am not going to question it.


Since the pandemic, she has been going to bed really, really late. It was like a weird mental shift that I heard a lot of teens went through.

Anyway, it has got to the point where basically she needs to stay up for 24 hours to reset herself so she can go to bed at a more normal time due to being tired (from staying up 24 hours).

Last night when I went to bed (late as well) I told her to not stay up much later.

I woke at 7 or so to move to the couch because the bedroom was hot and the living room had a cold breeze. While I was sitting there I could hear her moving about in her room which is across from the living room.

I was going to knock and ask what was up, but I could hear bags and things moving so I assumed that she was actually cleaning some stuff up and I didn’t want to disrupt the miracle if that was the case.

So I sat quietly kind of dozing and enjoying the breeze with the cat.

She came out of her room at around 8 carrying some garbage bags so I was able to ask what she was doing.

She said that she went to bed late but fell asleep with her light on. She woke about 6:30 and assumed because the room was bright and that she wasn’t tired (probably from not falling into a deep sleep yet) she thought it was much later and that she actually woke up on her own for once.

For some reason which I assume is disgust, she decided to start cleaning her room.

It’s now 15 hours, 8 garbage bags, and 7 loads of laundry later and she is still cleaning. She is running out of steam though and we had to refuel with caffeine and takeout.

I’m fairly certain that this is the most she has cleaned ever.

And tonight she will be tired enough to fall asleep at a normal time and hopefully, this will help to fix this issue.

Now if she could just get the rest of her boxes unpacked…

Stay safe.

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