My Capsule Wardrobe for Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer Capsule Wardrobe

A spring and Summer Capsule Wardrobe.

Seeing this is my first time building a Capsule Wardrobe it seemed to take me forever to finalize my choices, but by-god I think I did it!

I only made some small changes in the final draft, so here is the final product of this year’s Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe. Drumroll please…

I am not a capsule wardrobe blog, so there was quite a large learning curve to this process since I had to start from scratch.

I did a lot of research beforehand to find which avenues were best and what steps I should take to get it done right. I actually ended up downloading a capsule wardrobe planner app called Stylebook that is going to be really helpful for future use.

I have since then moved on to Photoshop to build my capsule wardrobes. 

The time invested in photographing my clothes and organizing everything as I went along was tedious but now that it is done I can see the full potential of this app for future seasonal capsule wardrobes, daily outfit planning, and travel packing lists.

I took it really slow going through my closet this time because I had a lot of wardrobe purging to do, and I will admit it was hard letting go of things.

It was like a super cathartic, counselling session in which I came out feeling better, lighter, and more positive.

My wardrobe budget was pretty small this year.

Really small.

It has been a year of unexpected purchases and expenses and we are still playing catch up from it.

I decided out of necessity that this capsule would be built with my already existing wardrobe which in everyday life is the realistic option for most people.

I think it would kind of defeat the whole minimalist wardrobe idea if you ran out and bought a new wardrobe.

I did end up spending $30 at Sheinside for two pieces but aside from that it was built from items that I have bought gradually over the last 7 years.

In my finalized list I decided to cut out the flare jeans I originally intended on buying but didn’t end up purchasing.

I’m short and in order to wear flares I need to wear heels or wedges with them to make them fit right in length.

I can’t really see myself sporting high shoes that often so it seemed a waste of money to me.

I switched the green drapey blouse for a gauzy pink blouse, and I chose rain boots for a pair of shoes instead of a fancier pair of heels since I tend to walk out in the rain more often than I need to dress up in heels.

If that changes I have a pair in storage I can swap out.

The result was a 38 piece capsule wardrobe that will all transition well into a fall capsule or rotating capsule.

Below are all the pieces and where to buy them and/or similar items within the same price range that I listed right underneath each section.

Capsule Wardrobe Breakdown

Spring Summer Capsule wardrobe

dressy tank | white t-shirt | white blouse | pullover

Spring Summer Capsule wardrobe

baseball tee | floral kimono (similar) | grey tank | t-shirt dress

Spring Summer Capsule wardrobe

oversized cardigan | grey t-shirt | printed cardigan (similar, similar) | long pullover

 Spring Summer Capsule wardrobe

black tank | band t-shirt | black t-shirt | fitted cardigan | maxi dress

Spring Summer Capsule wardrobe

fitted dress | oversized blazer | wrap dress | leather jacket | maxi skirt

Spring Summer Capsule wardrobe

Imitation leather pants | dressy pants | black jeans | dark denim | distressed denim

Spring Summer Capsule wardrobe

denim shorts | gauzy blouse | light dress | bohemian dress (similar) | bright pullover

Spring Summer Capsule wardrobe

rainboots | leather sandals | flats | booties | converse | motorcycle boots

That’s it! I had so much fun with this I wish I could get a job doing this for other people. I can’t wait for next time.

If you have any questions or concerns leave me a message in the comment box below or send me one via email at [email protected]

UPDATE: I recently had to switch up a couple of items in my capsule due to fit and comfort. This is my Updated Capsule Wardrobe.

UPDATE #2: My new capsule for fall/winter is finished and now up on the blog.

UPDATE #3: My 2016 Capsule is now posted and can be found here. It has changed to a year-long capsule vs a seasonal.

UPDATE #4 This post is older so a lot of the items below are sold out in stores. I have updated many of the links with like items in similar price ranges.

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  1. Hi. I love your style! But would love someone with experience in styling to give me an idea on what u would use as 24 basics. That would go with your whole wardrobe. Sounds crazy!! Yes but there is a pin that says they can do this but you have to buy her books to find out what these 24 items are. I cant afford that. So am hoping you could give me some ideas. I love all styles of tops. Plain and patterned. Have kimonos. Love and live in baggy hippy pants. Plain and patterned. Live in extreme heat and we dont really have a winter. Just a few cooler weeks. Help!!!

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