A 12 Piece Edgy Classic Winter Capsule Wardrobe

A white background with 12 clothing items plus shoes and accessories for A Preppy Winter capsule wardrobe. In the middle is a black box with white text that reads, "A 12 Piece Edgy Classic Winter Capsule Wardrobe."

I never know whether to call these particular posts an edgy capsule wardrobe or a rock capsule wardrobe. The words seem almost synonymous to me since they have a lot of the same characteristics.

There is so much overlap in fashion, but in all honesty, these are two distinct styles, so I always need to look and see which one it seems to be leaning towards before I choose.

Edgy fashion can be more eclectic and versatile than rock.

It often involves experimenting with unconventional combinations, materials, and accessories which might include bold patterns, asymmetrical cuts, and unique textures.

It has the best of both worlds and can swing either minimalist or maximalist, and even both at once if you have a truly eclectic wardrobe.

The lean towards minimalism is with the focus on sleek lines and muted colours, or it can embrace maximalism with vibrant colours, bold prints, and unconventional silhouettes.

It also draws inspiration from various subcultures and may not be limited to a specific musical genre or cultural movement.

This week I am taking the edgy and mixing it with a solid, classic foundation because classic and edgy seem like they would be oxymorons when it comes to fashion.

But they are not competing with one another, they are working together to build a unique and harmonious wardrobe.

I actually have a very strong foundation of classic in my personal wardrobe, but you wouldn’t classify my style as classic.

It’s just one of my three style adjectives.

A 12 Piece Edgy Classic Winter Capsule Wardrobe

A white background with 12 pieces and accessories for A 12 Piece Edgy Classic Winter Capsule Wardrobe.

Bjork Tee | Green Handbag | Jeans | Earrings | Riding Boots | Beanie | Black Sweater* | Coat | Asymmetrical Cardigan Top | Gloves | Grey Cable knit Sweater | Blue Handbag | Turtleneck | Leather Trousers | Blue Ballet Flats | Cardigan | Scarf | Striped Trousers | Black Boots | Socks | Grey Trousers | Uggs | Button Up | Grey Handbag | Sunglasses | Sneakers

*I have this sweater but in the chocolate brown version. It is very versatile with the way that you wear the neckline. It can be a cowl neck or played around off one shoulder. I like to layer it over turtlenecks, t-shirts, and button ups and then play around with the neckline to get different looks.

I also own both the asymmetrical cardi shirt, and the heavier knit black cardigan.

What is an Edgy Classic Style?

Well, first, let’s talk about edgy.

Embracing an edgy style involves skilfully intertwining your clothing choices with accessories like shoes, bags, and jewellery to convey a sense of the unconventional and distinct.

The art of introducing an edge to your ensemble lies in the ability to pair ordinary garments with unexpected elements, allowing you to infuse uniqueness into almost any outfit.

It is not always about the individual piece, it is how you wear them that makes it edgy.

Edgy fashion transcends age, proving to be a dynamic and empowering style choice for women who appreciate the bold and unconventional.

As a modern and confident 40+ woman, edgy fashion to me becomes a statement of rebellion against sartorial norms.

It embraces a blend of timeless sophistication and avant-garde elements, encouraging a departure from the conventional, and inviting women to explore a diverse palette of textures, unconventional silhouettes, and bold accessories.

With an emphasis on individuality, edgy fashion celebrates the beauty of self-expression through clothing, allowing us to redefine and liberate our personal style with a spirit that is both ageless and audacious.

On the other side, classic style gravitates towards pieces that have stood the test of time, and are brought back season after season because of their adaptability and permanence in the world of fashion.

Classic pieces are so timeless and versatile that they transcend style types and are worn within every genre of style, to the point where you might not even realize that a piece is considered classic.

These pieces always stay relevant no matter the direction that fashion takes.

Now, when we combine both classic and edgy, we start like we do with any other wardrobe.

The foundation. So, from the ground up.

Classic style is the foundation of this wardrobe.

It is actually important in any style wardrobe because it gives you a very solid ground for taking your wardrobe down whatever style path you want.

If you decide that maybe your style is shifting in another direction, having a strong classic foundation will make it easier to come back to the start and build from it again in a new style direction.

Then we sprinkle in your contrasting style types, depending on what your personal style gravitates to.

It is finished off with the edginess that is going to tie it all together to elevate the look.

Together, they seamlessly blend timeless sophistication with a bold and rebellious twist, creating a fashion aesthetic that is both refined and daring.

The colour palette often leans towards classic neutrals like black, white, and grey, providing a strong foundation as well.

However, what sets the classic edgy style apart is the introduction of unexpected elements.

This may include statement accessories like studded belts or chunky boots, leather accents on clothing items, or the strategic pairing of classic pieces with more unconventional items, such as interesting denim or edgy outerwear.

The key is to be selective and intentional with what we are bringing in.

The play with textures, mixing of patterns, and unique tailoring contribute to a look that maintains an air of elegance while embracing a modern, rebellious spirit.

The end result is where the edgy comes in full force.

It is the contrast between your style type and the classic foundational pieces.

This circles back to where I say it is not about the individual piece, it is about the way you wear them that makes it edgy.

An example of this would be a button-up paired with leather pants, a vintage graphic tee, paired with wide leg trousers, or an oversized sweatshirt paired with wool trousers and a bold handbag.

It is about mixing elements in an intentionally contradictory way.

It is a process of learning not to overthink or try too hard when you are building an outfit. Just go with what feels natural, and you can’t really go wrong.

Here are a few examples of classic outfits with an edge.

Yours might look different depending on your personal style, but these and the collages included at the bottom are a good jumping-off point.

Turtleneck Sweater and Leather Pants: Pair a classic turtleneck sweater in a neutral colour with sleek leather pants. Add fun footwear and a bold handbag.

Cashmere Coat and Distressed Jeans: Layer a luxurious cashmere coat over a classic knit sweater and add a pair of distressed jeans for a mix of sophistication and edge. Complete the look with heeled boots.

Plaid Wool Coat and Combat Boots: Wear a timeless plaid wool coat over a neutral turtleneck and tailored trousers. Incorporate a touch of edge with lace-up combat boots.

Structured Blazer and Velvet Pants: Pair a well-tailored structured blazer with velvet pants.

Monochromatic Suit with Sneakers: Opt for a monochromatic suit in a classic colour like grey or navy. Add a casual edge by pairing it with some fun sneakers.

Cable Knit Cardigan and Combat Boots: Layer a cable-knit cardigan over a simple blouse and tailored trousers. Add a hint of rebellion with chunky combat boots.

Classic edgy style is a celebration of the harmonious coexistence of sophistication and individuality, where each ensemble tells a story of timeless fashion with a bold edge.

Learn to tell a story with your wardrobe.

Edgy Classic Outfit Ideas for Winter

A white background with 12 outfits for A 12 Piece Edgy Classic Capsule Wardrobe.

A white background with 12 outfits for A 12 Piece Edgy Classic Capsule Wardrobe.

Bjork Tee | Green Handbag | Jeans | Earrings | Riding Boots | Beanie | Black Sweater* | Coat | Asymmetrical Cardigan Top | Gloves | Grey Cable knit Sweater | Blue Handbag | Turtleneck | Leather Trousers | Blue Ballet Flats | Cardigan | Scarf | Striped Trousers | Black Boots | Socks | Grey Trousers | Uggs | Button Up | Grey Handbag | Sunglasses | Sneakers

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Sara is the founder and creative behind livelovesara. A George Brown College Fashion Styling Graduate, she provides advice on finding your personal style regardless of age and budget. She is always on the hunt for the perfect wardrobe piece and is a vintage and thrifting enthusiast who can't wait to share her newest finds. She is also trying to learn French.


  1. Edgy is such an interesting style to chase – I feel like something is edgy until it’s popular and then it’s just “the style”. This is nice collection of pieces, but it feels quite conventional to me, even though it may have been considered edgy a few years ago. So the question to ponder is – when edgy is “in”, is it still edgy?? 🤔

    • This is a combination of edgy and classic which is where the conventional comes in. Edgy is just about taking risks, and pairing together pieces in a way to dress outside the traditional box so to speak. It’s how you wear it, not the actual pieces (although it can be both). Edgy is a style type, so if you are doing it because it’s your style and authentic versus jumping on a trend bandwagon then yes it is still edgy. Every individual’s perception will be different regarding style types. When I was a young it would have been the goths who were categorized by the term edgy, but fashion has evolved leaps and bounds since those days and there is so much more variation and options. We often fluctuate and fall under way more than one style type now which personally makes it a lot more enjoyable. It’s definitely fun to think about though.

  2. Are you still loving your Becca Oversized High Roll Knit Pullover? I like the look, but I’ve vacillated on ordering it for several reasons… Not sure if it would be work friendly (but I think so), the fit (I am about your size I think), the cost considering it isn’t made of any natural fibers and lastly/mostly is it me. But I keep looking at it. And I like the way it looks on you. BTW, in looking at the blue jeans in this edgy capsule, it dawned on me to try my husband’s jeans on. I thought he might have s slightly smaller pair pushed to the back. They are 34×34, which is a bit too baggy (but I’m wearing them!). It gave me a starting point and I think a 32 waist might be the proper baggy. Also realized he has a great old Pendleton grey wool cabled sweater that I can borrow! I am now motivated to hit up some thrift stores as I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a look that I’m still unsure of. I love your ideas! They have started my creative juices flowing.

    • I do still really like it I love the colour and the way that you can play around with the neck and fit. But there is a chocolate brown similar-ish style at Zara right now for a fraction of the price. Honestly though, I’d take the money you thought of spending on that and go thrifting. My favourite men’s jeans I wear are a 34×32 and are a bit big. My ideal baggy fit is a 33/31 but I love a 28/29” inseam for summer and a shorter look, which is why I love men’s jeans, because they have these in between size and lengths. Save the money and go thrifting. It will be more fun and satisfying.

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful response! I’m still trying to find what my style is. Some things I just need to try for a bit and others I know right away if it’s a big yes or no. Sometimes I’m surprised. I’ve had a pair of Frye (moto maybe, I didn’t even know that was their identifier) boots for probably 20-25 years. Those are ME. I can take most clothing and make it me by wearing those boots. I do look at most of my clothes as an investment in that I think about wanting to wear things when I’m retired (as no longer in a fairly casual office). I’m older (61), but I’m NOT old. I’m fit and have been lucky with “young” genes. I will take your wonderful advice and go out looking for treasures!

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