What I Wore This Week

A blonde woman is wearing grey wide leg trousers, a black cashmere sweater, red Mary Janes, and a red Prada handbag.

A blonde woman is wearing a navy blue sweater, black faux leather maxi skirt, green Adidas, and an Alexander McQueen clutch.

A blonde woman is wearing a black cashmere sweater, Adidas track pants, and vintage leather trench, animal print loafers, and a vintage Louis Vuitton bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a green sweater, 90s Calvin Klein trousers, black boots, and an animal print tote.

Outfit 1 – Sweater | Trousers | Shoes | Handbag
Outfit 2 – Sweater | Skirt | Sneakers | Socks | Clutch
Outfit 3 – Sweater | Track Pants | Vintage Trench (similar) | Loafers (similar) | Vintage Bag
Outfit 4 – Sweater | Vintage Trousers | Boots | Tote

It looks like I wore the same sweater three times this week, and while I absolutely love my black cashmere Everlane sweater, I actually only wore it twice.

The day with the leather maxi it is a navy blue crop-waist sweater, but it looks black in the lighting.

Navy is always a good alternative to black since it works the same but tends to be less harsh.

A sizing note on the Everlane cashmere is that I went up a size to make it a looser fit. The same applies to the green sweater that I got from Old Navy.

It was $21 with a promo code and I went up one size, and I also got it in the tall option. The tall gives me a bit more length that I like in a sweater.

I always suggest trying on multiple sizes in things because sometimes a bigger or smaller size will give you, your more desired fit.

Remember that it doesn’t have to fit you the way it fits the model.

That is why I can’t go by reviews that say true to size. True to size to what? They are saying true to size based on how they like it to fit their body.

A purchase I made this past week aside from a Christmas gift was a pair of vintage riding boots off of Etsy that I really hope fit.

On a non-fun note a pretty bad head cold is currently going through my home.

It first took down Merle which I find odd because she still refuses to go anywhere without wearing a face mask, so her being the first was weird.

Yesterday it took down Roo. I hope it passes me by since I’m still okay, but I won’t hold my breath.

Great timing for back to school, and this was supposed to be the “finally get our shit together” weekend, which has instead been sitting around like potatoes and sleeping.

So many goals this summer, so much didn’t happen.

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  1. No need to apologize even if you did wear your favorite sweater three times. Isn’t that what we’re shooting for – a wardrobe and outfits we love, less is more, and all that. No one would notice that you wore something more than once, just that you look fantastic!

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