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I was feeling a little bit vintage Ralph Lauren this week with the cooler weather which inspired a Ralph Lauren Inspired Capsule Wardrobe yesterday.

We are back to a September heat wave this week, so it was a short-lived inspiration much to my dismay.

My eldest daughter’s glasses snapped in half last night when she was cleaning them and she had no backups.

I figured since it was the long weekend we were screwed, but I was able to get her in for an appointment to get a new prescription, and she was able to pick out some new frames.

Unfortunately they will take a few days, but Tom is a really good gluer and crazy glued her broken frames, and the optometrist was so impressed with how they looked he was showing everyone.

He said that most people come in with terrible glue jobs or tape, so I explained that he was a goldsmith for many years which gave him great skills in repairing jewellery and in this instance glasses.

This time we have learned our lesson and are going to order some cheap backups.

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  1. I love Lauren Ralph Lauren. I have a navy blue wool blazer (with gold buttons) that I’ve had for many years, but it is still in perfect condition and I can’t wait until it turns cool enough to wear it. It must be overscale, because it slides right on, a perfect fit. This LRL item is one of my all time favorite basics. Thank you for focusing on RL style; I loved your palettes.

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