What I Wore This Week

I am wearing an Anine Bing sweatshirt, puffer coat, track pants, a crossbody, and New Balance sneakers.
I am wearing vintage trousers, knee high boots, a long button up, wool coat, and a vintage Miu Miu bag.
I am wearing flare jeans, a cashmere turtleneck, a plaid shacket, black boots, and a tote.
I am wearing vintage trousers, suspenders, a henley bodysuit, knee high boots, and a black blazer.

Outfit 1 – Sweatshirt | Track Pants (similar) | Sneakers | Puffer | Crossbody
Outfit 2 – Oversized Button-up | Vintage Trousers | Knee High Boots (similar) | Wool Coat | Sunnies | Bag
Outfit 3 – Cashmere Sweater | Jeans | Boots (similar) | Tote | Shacket (similar)
Outfit 4 – Bodysuit (similar) | Vintage Trousers | Knee High Boots (similar) | Blazer | Suspenders (similar)

Okay, we did it. We took her out for trick-or-treating. It was only about an hour, and house participation was about 30% so we had to walk a lot farther for less stuff but it was fun.

Not too cold, and nice a clear out. The perfect Halloween night actually.

There were a lot of kids which was nice to see.

I always get irrationally annoyed with one particular house that we always pass but they never participate. It is such a wasted opportunity because that house out of all the houses in the neighbourhood would make a kick-ass looking haunted house.

Definite Scooby-Doo vibes.

If I lived there I would totally go all out in bringing the creepy and scare factor.

I could easily spend $10,000 on Spirit Halloween animatronics and decor if I had it. There was a house that we saw a few years ago that was like a Halloween wonderland.

Unfortunately, I never noted what street it was on and we have yet to find it again :/

Rewind to last week. and apparently, I messed up when I was planning our flu shots.

The early ones are for people over 65 and anyone high-risk which doesn’t apply to us. It opens to everyone tomorrow, so we will probably head down first thing Tuesday.

I have to give the kids at least 24 hours notice so they can mentally prepare. They both hate needles. I on the other hand don’t mind them at all and would get it for the entire family if that was possible.

It would make things easier that’s for sure.

As for now, Halloween is over and it’s time to bring forth Christmas. My tree is jammed in the far back of the storage unit so that is going to be fun.

I put a photo of Merle’s finished costume at the bottom. I used spotlight on my iPhone and it gave a black background which is really neat since it was broad daylight and we were standing on the balcony.

Stay safe.

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  1. That is an awesome costume, and sounds like a good night out! Ours was a bit of a dud, kiddo loved her candy hunt, but it wound up over way too quickly. When it started getting dark I managed to get up the enrgy to do it all again and then it started raining. I’ve decided to make it up to her by going to the US for Halloween with my family next year. She’ll have one week off and I’ll suck up the school fine for the second week. There’s so many cool Halloween events there, once Xmas is over I’m starting Halloween planning!

    • It was okay! It was nice to see the hardcore Halloweeners trying to bring back some normalcy. I’m sorry your was a dud, but next years plan sound like it will be so memorable for her. That’s so exciting! I told my kids if the get all their miscellaneous shit put away from the living room area then I will suck it up and climb through the storage unit to get the Christmas decor out. The house feels a millions times more homey when Christmas stuff is up. I hope your feeling better!

      • Thanks, not 100%, but definitely starting to feel human again! There’s also lots of Dia de los Muertos festivities back home, so I can even say the trip has educational value, lol.

        I can’t bring myself to decorate before American Thanksgiving, but I’ve already got all of the kiddos presents (stocking stuffers included), and am starting on the adults in our family. I’ve even wrapped a few things already, Mariah would be so proud.

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