What to Pack for Summer a 10 Day Packing List

Summer Packing List

What to pack for Summer A 10 Day Packing List

Black Tank Top | Beatles T-shirt | White Tee | Blue Peasant Blouse | White Linen Sweater | White Linen Dress | Floral Blazer | Cropped Check Pants | White Wide Leg Trousers | Jeans | Floral Swimsuit | Straw Hat | Hoop Earrings | Blue Scarf | Green Sunglasses | Yellow Sneakers | Cream Sandals | Blue Purse |Straw Eye Bag |  

A 10 day packing list seems like a nice middle of the road number for those that are trying to plan out what to pack for summer vacation…if you are lucky enough to be able to have one. 

It’s really ridiculously hot right now, it has been for the last two+ weeks and seems to be predicted for the unforeseeable future. 

It’s gross and makes me and everyone else in here not to want to leave the house. 

Except for Tom. 

But I think that is just because he is stir crazy.

I have a list of things that I need to do and work on each day, and he doesn’t so he is really bored.

At least he got to spend some time pre-prepping for going back to work.

When that will be? No idea.

But if prepping has started then it can’t be too far off. Hopefully.

Anyway. Spain opened its borders to 12 of the 15 countries on the EU’s list and Canada was on it…and I could really go for a vacation 😉

I said that and Tom asked if I wanted to go camping.

Ummm. No. I hate camping.

Like, really, really hate it.

So I guess I don’t want a vacation that bad right?

I am a city traveller which is why my packing lists focus on city wardrobes versus outdoorsy vacations.

I know what to pack for a beach vacation (although I also don’t like beaches), and I know what to pack for a weekend at a cottage because I have done both multiple times. 

But outdoorsy/adventure vacations stump me.

Since it is so hot I included a lot of white pieces in today’s travel wardrobe because I find myself gravitating to my white and linen pieces (this is one of my go to’s that are nice and breezy) with the hopes of keeping cooler.

The white tank dress is a linen blend and comes in several other colours because I know white can be hard to wear.

That is why Tide Pens are something that I keep in my purse at all times. I am a notorious spiller but I refuse to stop wearing white. 

My friend Naomi used to wear head to toe white all the time and I never knew how she stayed stain free.

Tide Pens my friends.

She is the one who got me hooked.

I usually include 3 pairs of shoes in my travel capsule wardrobes but I have basically been alternating between sneakers and my sandals since the heat came along and it’s been fine. 

I figure if I can do it at home when I have a large selection of shoes, then I could do it elsewhere without issues.

If you are a person who needs more than two pairs of shoes, then it is easy to just add another pair. 

Wear one, pack two.

One of my favourite weekend bags (it holds a lot more than a weekends worth of clothes) has a zippered bottom for shoes that I love. 

I fit two+ weeks worth of clothes into that bag with a little planning and access to a washing machine. 

Note: The Eyeball bag is fantastic. I want and eyeball bag.

Head to the bottom of the post to see the travel outfit ideas that I put together with these packing list selections for different scenarios. 

This packing list represents a 10 day summer vacation to a city. All of the visuals in this post are meant as a guideline to aid you in creating your own summer packing list based on your own clothing, colour preferences, and personal style.

If you are looking for some packing ideas for your summer vacation and enjoyed my What to Pack for Summer a 10 Day Packing List, please feel free to share it via Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. Thank you.

This post contains affiliate links. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting what I do 🙂

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Summer Travel Outfit Ideas

What to pack for Summer A 10 Day Packing List and Travel Outfit Ideas

Black Tank Top | Beatles T-shirt | White Tee | Blue Peasant Blouse | White Linen Sweater | White Linen Dress | Floral Blazer | Cropped Check Pants | White Wide Leg Trousers | Jeans | Floral Swimsuit | Straw Hat | Hoop Earrings | Blue Scarf | Green Sunglasses | Yellow Sneakers | Cream Sandals | Blue Purse |Straw Eye Bag |  


This post contains affiliate links. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting what I do 🙂

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Sara is the founder and creative behind livelovesara. She is always on the hunt for the perfect band tee, is a Levi's jeans lover, and puts together wardrobes in her spare time. She is also trying to learn french....albeit unsuccessfully.


  1. Hello, Miss Thang! I know, long time no hear, eh? Even though I haven’t commented here recently, I have been enjoying your posts. I’m especially enamored of this one, Sara. And I am really drawn to the colors you’ve chosen. They have a very zen quality.

    I hear you about the heat. It’s after 9 p.m. here and it’s 90F degrees outside. Crikey.

    I’ve been in hot pursuit (pun intended) of calf-length skirts and lightweight tops for my summer wardrobe. Luckily, Thred Up has come through for me. I’m awaiting a few more items to round it all out. Thank goodness, since I ended up losing a bit more weight since my last TU haul (and I will have to donate those pieces). So I’m extremely happy to be able to again have clothes that fit and without spending an arm and a leg to have them.

    We are staying at home most of the time, and honestly I’m just fine with it. I’ve been making art like mad and am overjoyed with the process as well as the results. Keeping my fingers crossed that life returns to a more recognizable normal for everyone, perhaps even a better normal.

    Thank you for all of your creative and thoughtful posts. They are always greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ardith

    • I feel the zen too. There was a time that I didn’t really like the colour blue, but I’ve reformed and love it now.

      Yes, this heat won’t quit. It’s been hitting 40°C which is around 104°F regularly and it’s brutal. Being surrounded by concrete everywhere doesn’t help when you step outside. It needs to break soon because I just don’t want to go outside.

      I need to check out thred up again. I always forget about it. I’ve been doing a lot of closet purging on poshmark lately to maintain a balance between new stuff coming in and pieces that didn’t get much wear. And when I’m looking for something particular my go to is always second hand first. I’ll check it out again tonight.

      I’m hoping for a little “normalcy” soon too. Things are open but I’m just not ready to bring the girls out to museums and stuff yet because the crowds are crazy and I don’t trust people to keep their masks on. It’s pretty bad when a 9 year old can keep it on no complaints but a full grown adult can’t.

      I hope you guys are well.


  2. agreeing with ardith, the colour choices you’ve had in your recent palettes are all spot-on. the colors remind me of a few australian designers i’ve been drawn to recently, but the prices are so bloody expensive! i love the aesthetic at this one store, the undone, just not the prices 🙁 marle, st agni, bondi born are my favorites.

    it’s expected to feel like 100F here today, so i’ll be staying inside. i might order some more linen bedsheets; it’s not comfortable waking up in the middle of the night a literal hot mess.

    we just had another trip we were planning on taking out of state get canceled. for the time being, in order for me to request time off of work it has to be approved by some higher up, and i doubt i’ll get approved. my husband is feeling a bit desperate to get back to the uk for a trip to see his family around christmas time, but there’s a very real possibility that won’t happen. he’s not a mountain or a beach person-even though we live in a state lucky enough to have both and we’re pretty much right in the middle of both-so we’re just stuck in the suburbs for the time being!

    • I’ve never thought of linen bedsheets! I’m going to look online for some because sleeping is still horribly uncomfortable even with a/c and fans.

      I’m sorry your trip got cancelled. It’s such a bummer not having that to look forward to. My husband LOVES Barbados and I stupidly told him last night that they are offering 12 months stays for people who can work remotely. He wants us to move there now 🙄

      I’m stuck in the concrete jungle, but I’m surrounded by whatever I need so I can’t complain. I think when/if everything gets back to a point where travel is safer then we will all really appreciate it more which is a positive thing. It’s just getting rather boring at the moment 😂

  3. if you get the time to check it out, i’ve used both sijo and garnet hill for bed linens, but i’m thinking of trying this one shop on etsy called MyLinenHome. i always have to consider that whatever i get, inevitably the cat will dig her claws into it and i’ll cry a little on the inside.

    i know it was probably foolish of us to even think that we could plan anything remotely soon, but oh well! it is hard to complain when you’ve got everything you need, but i think the monotony just wears you down after a while. at this stage, even if i wanted to go anywhere, it’s not like i can really relax because of all the restrictions, let alone the places that are still closed or operating as curbside/takeaway only.

    that’s really cool that barbados is dangling that kind of offer to people, and your husband’s way of thinking sounds eerily similar to my husband’s! if puerto rico had the same offer, i’m pretty sure he’d actually help pack up our stuff to head on down.

  4. This is a great list! And I like your outfit graphics—they’re fun and they help me instantly visualize what I already have and what I would need to recreate the looks.
    We’ve been camping a bunch this summer and honestly, this isn’t that different than what I wear camping. There will be pictures so I want to look cute!

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