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I’m not really one who takes a lot of webinars (unless it can’t be avoided) but sometimes one grabs my attention and I think “why the hell not?” and I sign up. Sometimes I miss it due to forgetting that I signed up for a specific time but usually I’m pretty good with remembering if it is one that I am keen about. A couple of weeks ago I saw that Helene in Between was offering a Webinar for November 28th and I signed up immediately. I really enjoy her as a blogger (she’s more real and less fluff than many out there) and I admire that she and her husband packed up two suitcases, their dogs, and moved across the world to Heidelberg, Germany.

Since that time her blog has flourished and I feel that she has as well, so when she mentioned she was holding a webinar to talk about how she grew her blog I was instantly interested. I will admit that I missed the live webinar so I wasn’t able to participate in the chat. I was running errands with my youngest who decided she wanted to bring her bike (it was unseasonably warm) and while I love that she loves her bike, it really tacks on a million minutes to any outing. You’d think a bike would make things faster, but with her it really doesn’t 😉 This caused me to miss the live run, but I immediately made a coffee and sat and watched the replay.

While she provided us with a wealth of information on her experience there were a few key points that really resonated with me. One: a viewer mentioned on chat that she was Hootsuiting her twitter while watching the video and Helene said while that was multitasking it wasn’t giving 100% to either task which takes away from both. This is something I am totally guilty of. Two: (I am paraphrasing because my memory is crap) She asked if there was one thing you could do, right at this very moment without money being an object what would it be. I instantly said out loud although no one was listening, “pack up and move my family to the United Kingdom.” Where exactly? I would have to really research although I have a few places running through my head. My answer was so instantaneous it was like that word association game, where you say the first thing that pops in to your head when someone says a word. So that right there I guess is my life long dream and because of her I feel like it may one day be attainable. So thank you Helene.

Now on to the post which is coincidentally a packing list for the United Kingdom (maybe it’s everyone’s dream by the amount of requests I get for there). It is a trip for a spring trip for two weeks visiting many cities through the UK (but the bulk of the trip is in London, with 4 days in Edinburgh and the rest will be day trips around those cities.

I chose a faux fur coat because I am bitter that I could not find one through the Cyber weekend sales 😉 I love the two tone of this one. I also included a leather jacket as well for a lighter coat option. While I usually just choose a black one I couldn’t resist this colour. It is the same deep red as my first pair of Doc Martens. The striped wrap shirt/jacket/cardigan (I don’t know what to call it because it can be worn as all three) is really quite versatile which makes for a great packing piece. I also included one of my favourite pairs of jeans. They are from H&M and they fit amazing (I had to go up one size in them). I have this exact pair, except I cut off the bottom to make them more of an ankle skimming style that I love. Also I am short and jean lengths never work for me so if you are tall you probably won’t have to cut them. And although I haven’t put them together yet, I am excited to see all the outfit options for these pieces. It’s one of my favourite parts of this series. *They are completed now and can be found in this post.*

If you blog and are looking for an inspiring webinar you should check out what Helene offers, she may have something that you are looking for.

So the question of the day is: If you could do anything right now with money being no object what would it be? I love to hear a variety of answers.

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  1. Oh my, that floral maxi dress is lovely! If only I had the money…and places to wear it. Thank you for the heads up on Helene. I will check out her blog. Cheers, Ardith

    • It really is a nice dress. I have been stalking my local topshop to see if they get it in so I can try it on, but I haven’t seen it yet which is disappointing 🙁

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