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It’s March Break and my intent was to get ahead on my blog posts but I seem to be falling farther behind for some reason. This week I have a request for a trip to Amsterdam, London, Oxford, and the surrounding area for a month (mid May to Mid June). I think I may have totally missed the mark with my choices this week but it was a bit of a struggle for some reason. On a positive note it is super easy to take anything that I include on here and switch it out for something more reflective of your style or items that you have in your closet. For example, she wants to include a pair of Blundstone boots for walking (my husband has these for work and says they are the most comfortable shoes he has for being on his feet all day) which she will bring instead of the Chelsea boots. I included Chelsea boots because they are a wardrobe staple and something that a lot of women have already.

Packing for a month is hard for this time of year because it is that transitional spring/summer weather that can be hard to dress for, and you can either have a lot of rain, or sun and warm days which makes packing hard. When I searched the weather for the cities for the date range I am seeing a lot of rain, and 17°C – 20°C temperatures which is pretty perfect……well maybe not an abundance of rain so hopefully that changes as the dates near 🙂

I tried to stay within the black, white, grey preferred theme with the addition of red and brown since brown is a neutral and goes well with everything. She likes great jeans, black skinnies, and a variety of shirts, and sweaters. I also included a pair of flats instead of a pair of Birkenstock sandals that she might bring instead (because of the predicted temperatures and rain I thought that it might be a good alternative).

I’m sure I have mentioned it before but someone I know went to Amsterdam in June a few years ago most of the clothes she brought were summerish. This caused her to wear the same jeans and sweater for almost the entire trip because of the rain and damp.

A month is a long time and you may feel like you have to pack a large amount of clothes to get you through but you don’t. With the right combinations of pieces to allow for mixing and matching, and an occasional stop at a laundromat, or if you are lucky you may have access to one where you are staying which will cut back on the amount of clothes that you need to bring.

The general rule of thumb is if you are going for a week, then pack for a week, two weeks then pack for two weeks, and anything longer (with access to laundry) then pack for a week. So I could have actually cut down the amount of pieces that I included in this packing list but because of the weather and because I like some variety I selected the above pieces.

Even if I was way off the mark, I hope that you can at least get some inspiration from it. 

I’ll put together the outfit options for tomorrow’s post.

*Size ranges can be really different in each store and for several of these pieces I selected them from the plus size options in the store. In Mango the sizes generally go up to 10 and then you move on to Violeta by Mango which carries the size ranges of 10 and up (they are listed as s, m, l, xl so you need to look at the size chart). H&M has plus size options too and carry some of the same items in plus size options so it pays to look.

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