Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

I know I don’t usually do a mid day post but since the sale starts today and things tend to sell out quickly (although many restock) I got up early this morning and pulled some of my favourite pieces. Now today the sale begins for card holders. I am not a card holder therefore I can only browse. The cards have different levels, with each one leading to different bonuses. The level 4 card holder got access yesterday but you need to spend over $10,000 a year for that to be applicable which would never happen in a million years here. I don’t think I even spend $1000 on clothes a year for the entire family so I guess I’d be a level 1 😉 But that is neither here nor there because many people have a card and this allows them to start shopping today.

Nordstrom only opened here within the last year so I have only physically been in a store within the last 18 months. I actually really like shopping in department stores and I really like that they carry from brands that don’t have stores yet in Canada (like Madewell).

I only made it partly through the women’s selections and a small fraction in to the home but I figure this is a good start. There are so many great jackets and sweaters this year, and while I didn’t include anything from the kids department (I only quickly browsed through but they have some great winter coats) there are tons of clothes that are perfect for back to school.

The sale opens to the general public on the 20th and goes until my birthday on August 6th. I think I’ll go check it out in person when it opens to the non card holders and see if I can find some good deals because I hate having to pay shipping charges and duties if it can be avoided. I went last year when it was still Early Access and all the sale items were roped off so you couldn’t look at anything unless you were a card holder. It kind of sucked and was super annoying so if you don’t have a card stick to online because you will at least be able to see the items better. I hope they still have some Madewell jeans in stock by then though because I am dying to try some on. Here are some of my selections.

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A Few Fun Touches to Freshen a Kids Room

A Few fun touches to freshen a kids room | kids room | kid bedroom | kid room decor

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty-one | Twenty-two | Twenty-three | Twenty-four | Twenty-five | Twenty-six |


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Some Outer Space Home Decor and Gift Ideas

Home decor and gift ideas for space lovers

1.Astronaut Duvet set by Snurk |  2. Orion’s Twin Sheet Set | 3. All Solar Systems Go Quilt | 4. Outer Space French Terry Blanket | 5. Cosmos Glow in the Dark Twin Quilt | 6. I need My Space Mug | 7. Space Pop Molds | 8. Space Candles | 9. Planets Mobile | 10. Discovery Space Centre Set | 11. Alien Crossbody Bag | 12. Galaxy Rocket Adventure Cape | 13. Space Age Pinball Game | 14. Inflateable Solar System | 15. Space Explore Patch | 16. Nasa Patch Set | 17. I Want to Leave Patch | 18. Glowing Milky Way Clock | 19. Space Tapestry | 20. Star Constellation Canvas | 21. Alien Throw Pillow | 22. Astronaut Throw Pillow | 23. Starry Globe Nightlight | 24. Space Hair Pins | 25. Galaxy Print Leggings | 26. Space Cadet Gloves | 27. Galaxy Backpack | 28. Zodiac Constealltion Baby Shoes | 29. Galaxy print Vans | 30. Solar System Crystal Ball |


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I’m trying Really Hard to be a Minimalist But…

Flea Market Selfie

Obligatory dirty mirror Flea Market Selfie.

So I am trying really hard to be a minimalist but you would never know it by looking at my home. It is really hard to embrace and try to carry out a new kind of lifestyle when everyone in your house isn’t on board and refuses to read Marie Kondo’s book. The kids have too many toys regardless of how many I purge. They barely got any toys for Christmas, I tried to focus on things they needed, or would be useful than toys this year and we are still drowning in them. The husband has a lot of clothes and stuff that always seems like it is scattered around even though he has use of  half the closet, a dresser and basically the entire front entrance closet. It’s a no win situation of endless circles.  Continue Reading