I’m trying Really Hard to be a Minimalist But…

Flea Market Selfie

Obligatory dirty mirror Flea Market Selfie.

So I am trying really hard to be a minimalist but you would never know it by looking at my home. It is really hard to embrace and try to carry out a new kind of lifestyle when everyone in your house isn’t on board and refuses to read Marie Kondo’s book. The kids have too many toys regardless of how many I purge. They barely got any toys for Christmas, I tried to focus on things they needed, or would be useful than toys this year and we are still drowning in them. The husband has a lot of clothes and stuff that always seems like it is scattered around even though he has use of  half the closet, a dresser and basically the entire front entrance closet. It’s a no win situation of endless circles. 

I am obsessed with the clean, open look of Scandinavian styles homes and would love to embrace that wholeheartedly. If someone said that I could get rid of 98% of the things in my home and start from scratch in a brand new open concept Scandinavian style home I would say, “where do I sign up?” But here comes my confession. As much as I love this I think that if I was rich I would encounter a problem. I have a feeling my home would end up looking like a wing in a museum. One of my favourite things to do (and a big weakness of mine) is going to flea markets. Finding treasures of days gone by thrills me to no end and I am sure Tom is thankful that we don’t have tons of money. If we did, every time we go to a flea market we would have to rent a van to bring home my spoils of war. Today for instance would have set us back at least $10,000 if I was able to buy what I wanted. I took pictures of everything that float my boat and I made them in to a collage so you can see how all over the place my tastes are.

Flea Market Finds
Flea Market Finds 2

  1. Large Asian Stone Statue that was beautiful.
  2. An ornate armoire that looked like it would take you directly to Narnia.
  3. A shoe stretcher which I need for a pair of expensive shoes that are too small that I couldn’t return 🙁
  4. A large, heavy, and expensive Buddha statue in black and gold.
  5. Merle is obsessed with balloons and is constantly asking me to blow them up and tie them. This machine dispenses and blows them up. It would save me from balloon induced light headedness.
  6. Antique Asian print brush, mirror, and comb vanity set that was around $300.
  7. Concession stand sign which I thought it would be cute in the kitchen.
  8. A small tortoiseshell handbag. I love vintage handbags and would probably have a million of them if I let myself.
  9. The perfect grey, wool fedora from the 1950’s. It was in mint condition and wouldn’t fit my god damn head. I have a large head. Talk about disappointment.
  10. Tom was looking for records today and while he was unsuccessful I found many I wanted including Bananarama. Who doesn’t love Venus?
  11. This vintage Snow White board game is listed as rare and $299. I wanted to buy just to see what the hell it was.
  12. A large horse sculpture. They used it to store blankets and hang belts. I figure if I was rich I could use it as a scarf and hat holder.
  13. The perfect vintage leopard coat. It was knee-length, kind of a swing style, with 3/4 length sleeves. Great condition but $100. I couldn’t justify a $100 purchase today unfortunately even though I kind of had regret the moment I sat in the car.
  14. A large McDonalds mural that someone broke in half. It had all the characters that I loved and remember. Not that I would have a place to hang it though since it was so large. I don’t really think McDonald’s goes with my decor no matter how much I like to eat it.
  15. I have a thing for sequins. I also have a thing for buying these vintage butterfly style tops when I see them. I used to buy them and sell them on Ebay and made quite bit off each one many years ago.
  16. The wall of retro board games. How much fun would it be to sit down and play these to see how board games used to be? The only ones I have played here are Clue, and Upwords I think.
  17. A Beatles Yellow Submarine wall hanging. That movie was so trippy but I loved the album.
  18. Beetlejuice and PeeWee stuff. Need I say more?

All we ended up getting were Harry Potter audio books for books 1-3 at $12 a piece. Which were actually an awesome deal because when I was thinking of getting them for Roo for Christmas they averaged $60 an audio book online, so $12 was a steal.

Do you love Flea Markets as much as I do?

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