Some Spring House Refreshers by Ikea


Ikea Spring Refresher #ikea

1.Valje Bookshelf | 2. Sinnerlig Basket | 3. Gunnabo Frame | 4. Gullklocka Pillow |
5. Aloe Vera Plant | 6. Lugnvik Couch | 7. Fladis Basket | 8. NÖDVÄNDIG Wooden Tray
9. Succulent Plants | 10. Giltig Teacup | 11. Gullklocka Pillow | 12. Ofelia Blanket
| 13. Fryken Baskets | 14. Poang Chair | 15. Kardemumma Flower Pots 

With spring now being here even though it snowed this week (and again last night) , I kind of feel like giving our home a little morale boost along with a spring cleaning. Having the windows open (when it is nicer which is definitely not today) is a good start but things need to be refreshed a little because we are due for it. We went to Ikea on the weekend and I saw a million and one things that I wanted to get but there were also a million people there which sucked the joy out of shopping there somewhat. I (with the help of the kids) recently moved the living room around to make it a more open space. The living room is the main area and is the central part of the condo. Every other room branches off this room so making it more open instead of puzzle pieced together seemed logical. I felt that we almost had to weave in and out of the furniture the way it was set up before. Now the couch against a wall under a window and the floor is now opened up. It’s very tiny in here so anything you can do to make it look more spacious is a good idea.

Next on my agenda is switching room with the girls. They are in the room that is considered the master. We let them have it because it is kind of weirdly shaped and we didn’t know how well our bed frame would fit in there. When we moved in every piece of furniture seemed to be brought in at once so shoving things in their rooms as fast a possible was necessary for my sanity that day. I kind of wish we hadn’t been so rushed so that we could have put more thought process in to where everything was going. C’est la vie. Today I say screw it. I want that big closet (there is also a smaller second one in there that may help Tom keep his shit put away instead of stacked everywhere) and I think I can cut the amount of clutter and things lying around the house by utilizing these rooms and closets to their greatest potential. Right now when I tell the girls to clean their room I go in and everything is shoved in the closet in no organized way. No more. Welcome purgefest spring 2016. Wish me luck with getting rid of more than a few things.

*Above are a few pieces that were on my Ikea list this weekend to pick up. We ended up getting the chair, plants, flower pots, picture frame, and teacup (for Merle the cat lover). The pillows were in our basket but when we when to pay for them we saw that we had grabbed the display pillows instead of the ones that were actually on sale. That’s what I get for rushing, so I told her to forget them and we would pick them up next time. I should have also pick dup some sheets because when I was making the bed today I literally ripped the corner off my favourite set of sheets. Whoops. We are also in discussion with someone about buying that red couch. I originally wanted a similar style in grey but this is a great deal, and who am I kidding? As much as I would like to think I can pull off a monochrome, grown up living room I always like a nice bright piece of furniture.

Are you giving your home a spring cleaning/refresher?

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