What I Wore This Week 294

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing a vintage tifer print blazer, Adidas track pants, mesh flats, and a Balenciaga bag.

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing a men's white button up, maxi cargo skirt, woven flats, and a vintage Louis Vuitton bag.

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing an oversized black tee, Free People Moxie jeans, neon mules, and a vintage Gucci Jackie bag.

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing a, oversized sweatshirt dress, Adidas SL72s, reton sunglasses, and a vintage Celine Boogie bag.

Outfit 1 – Vintage Blazer | Adidas Track Pants | Mesh Flats | Balenciaga Bag
Outfit 2 – Button Up (similar) | Maxi Skirt | Woven Flats | Vintage Bag
Outfit 3 – T-shirt (similar) | Jeans | Mules (similar) | Vintage Bag
Outfit 4 – Sweatshirt Dress | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Vintage Bag

I have been doing some ruthless purging in my closet over the last week. There are things that I have been holding on to for a while and not wanting to get rid of because I always wonder if it is something that I will wear later.

Due to the big purge in the mid-00s that I did that I still regret to this day, it makes me think really hard about whether I want to get rid of stuff.

Also, the trend cycle is going ridiculously fast right now and I just don’t feel good getting rid of a piece I may want next year. Especially if it is something that I have only had a short time.

That is too wasteful to me.

It would be nice to have a storage place where I could put things that I was uncertain about and come back to them later, but I don’t.

Which means I have to be really cautious with what comes in and goes out.

I have noticed a shift which I have talked about recently pertaining to my style.

The shift is going towards my wardrobe transitioning from a higher percentage of new pieces to a higher percentage of secondhand and vintage.

As I am consciously not chasing trends in a way that makes me feel like I need new, new, new all the time.

I find that I am searching for and sourcing pieces that are older, don’t necessarily fall on the trend cycle and that give me that gut-pull feeling when I see them.

These pieces that pick based on my feelings seem to integrate into my wardrobe better and I feel good when I wear them. It’s hard to explain.

The easiest way to describe it would be that I am no longer purchasing with the thought of “is this in style?” going through my head and it is now shifting to “how does this piece make me feel?” instead.

This then changes the idea of dressing from “how do others perceive me” to “how do I perceive myself” which is a game-changer.

I like to find pieces that don’t give off a specific date when you look at them.

Yes, pieces can look “dated” if you put them together in a whole outfit that reflects a specific time, but on their own are hard to pinpoint a date.

I am also trying to up my non basic basics. Which means choosing basic pieces that have visual interest, impactful shapes and lines, or interesting colours and textures.

This is important in summer wardrobes where we often default to basics, and they can be kind of boring when we can’t use our off-season pieces to style them.

So looking for interesting basics is something that I am focusing on.

For instance, I just came across a t-shirt/tunic in a consignemnt shop. It is in between short sleeve and sleeveless, more like and exaggerated shoulder that works as a sleeve.

The fabric is t-shirt cotton, it is black with a crew neck, and the length is about the top to mid thigh.

What makes this piece extra special is that it has a spot off to the side in the front that is kind of folded/pleated and held closed by a piece of fabric that resembles duct tape.

This piece will work as a t-shirt in my wardrobe but is so much more than just a plain tee. Do you see what I am getting at?

Opt for non basic basics for an easy way to elevate your wardrobe.

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