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So the handbag that I ordered from Japan (eBay) arrived in less than 36 hours from the point of when I ordered it. That is so fast, and I am so thrilled with it. They came highly recommended by a lot of people via secondhand designer forums so I took a gamble that paid off.

The bag is like the perfect little everyday bag. I am very much a top handle or bowler bag style person and this checks that preference.

Anyway, great bag, and great service. I would even say that they overstated the “flaws” in the description.

I’d love to visit their actual store some day, because Japan has some incredible secondhand stores that are on my bucket list now.

I actually added Japanese to my Duolingo account in the hopes of getting a basic grasp of the language.

I wish my brain retained information like it used to when I was younger. Having kids really sucks your brain power away.

And then you get the brain fog when perimenopause comes knocking.

It sucks.

In case you missed it, I posted an all black summer capsule for those who like to be night eternal.

Weekly Reads and Some Videos:

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A modern approach to habitat restoration: Leave It To Beavers.

The Worst Dads in All of Literature

Medievalist Professor Answers Medieval Questions. Dr. Dorsey Armstrong is one of my favourite professors on The Great Courses. She does the lecture on the Black Plague and it is so good if you love morbid shit like me.

How Carl Jung Inspired the Creation of Alcoholics Anonymous

The Amazing Engineering of Roman Baths

The Ultimate Summer 2024 Reading List

Why we seek revenge — and what to do instead

Why Do We Feel the Need to Give Advice?

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Weekly Reads and Finds 281


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  1. Oh that bag is lovely. Would be fun to go to all the stores in Japan! Do you have a running list?

    Anything you saw worthwhile for the upcoming Zara sale?

    • I saved a list somewhere, I just have to remember where 😂

      As for the Zara sale, I have a yellow fitted blazer in my cart along with a washed grey short sleeve sweatshirt. So we will see if I can check out in time before my sizes are gone. The Zara sale is intense.

        • I also have my eye on a brown herringbone button front jacket. I didn’t notice it before and saw it today when I was going through. It’s a great fall piece.

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