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Earlier this week I had a migraine that knocked me on my ass. I haven’t had one like that in a long time which I am very thankful for, but boy did it suck.

It also reminded me that it would be smart to actually go out and get that Gravol that I said I was going to buy because I really could have used some that night.

When I was scrolling through Poshmark this past week post-migraine, I came across some Dries Van Noten booties that a woman has had for over 20 years and never really worn.

She just couldn’t bring herself to get rid of them which I totally get.

I’ve had some serious talks with myself lately about holding on to pieces that are just taking up room, and am sorting through and getting rid of and selling pieces that I am willing to part with.

Anyway, I bought them.

I justified the purchase because first, I love Dries Van Noten and have been searching for pieces that make sense in my wardrobe.

Second, he is retiring so he won’t be putting anything new out anymore and his older stuff is going to be harder to find and the prices will go up significantly for this reason.

Third, I sold a few things on Poshmark that covered the cost.

And fourth, because they are super badass.

I let her know they were going to a good home, and that I will care for and appreciate them, so hopefully she feels better about it.

Bonus, she lives in Quebec and shipped them Thursday morning which means I got them today because one of the main mail sorting warehouses is here and I usually get my stuff super quick.

That being said, they arrived, and they are amazing just as I knew they would be.

That was my purchase this week, that and a cream wool sweater from Banana Republic that was on super sale plus and additional 30% off.

It is quite large with a kind of lighter open knit which feels more spring-like than fall/winter.

It caught my eye when I walked through the mall the other day wasting time while waiting to pick up my youngest from pottery class.

And just in case you missed it I talked about the French Girl Summer aesthetic yesterday and built a summer capsule wardrobe around the concept.

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Weekly Reads and Finds 279


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  1. My 19 year old needs a business casual minimalist wardrobe to get her through her summer internship.. what do you suggest? We live in Northern California

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