What I Wore This Week 287

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing a denim shirt paired with vintage Levi's, red mesh flats, cat eye sunglasses, and is carrying an animal print handbag.

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing a brown slip dress over jeans, with a vintage aviator jacket, brown ballet flats, and is carrying a vintage Louis Vuitton bag.

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing a highlighter yellow cardigan paired with vintage Levi's, woven leather flats, and is carrying an Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag.

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing a Vision Streetwear t-shirt, Adidas blazer, cropped trousers, Adidas SL 72s, and is carrying a vintage Gucci bag.

Outfit 1 – Vintage Denim Shirt | Vintage Levi’s | Flats | Sunglasses | Handbag (similar)
Outfit 2 – Slip Dress (similar) | Jeans | Vintage Jacket | Flats | Vintage Bag
Outfit 3 – Cardigan | Vintage Levi’s | Flats | Bag
Outfit 4 – T-shirt | Blazer | Trousers | Sneakers | Vintage Bag

This week I brought out a few pieces of my wardrobe that I haven’t worn in a while. Some have a more spring and summer feel which is probably why I avoid them during colder seasons, but oftentimes we tend to gravitate to new or favourite pieces while ignoring the bulk of our wardrobe.

Which is such a bad habit, and once you notice that you do this it is easier to catch yourself and redirect.

Paring it down significantly helps to decrease this, but even small wardrobes aren’t immune.

I also find that since my husband is still not back at work (should be back in soon fingers f**king crossed), I often bumble around in the dark in my room while he is sleeping so I kind of just grab whatever to wear and go.

Often I will try to take some time one day a week to plan out for the next week but by the time I get around to it, it just never plays out.

So mostly I wing it.

Sometimes when I am falling asleep though, I will think about outfits in my head and add them to my notes in a half-asleep state, because we all don’t trust a perimenopause brain to remember that in the morning.

But this leads to a lot of trying to figure out what I was trying to tell myself to wear the next day in my sleepy state. But overall it is a strategy that works.

I would love to do something like what Hey Mrs Solomon does with her Sunday outfit planning videos (she also has a fantastic substack) but my closet area in my room is not conducive for good videography.

It is too chaotic and crowded, and not at all video-worthy.

But maybe I will figure out something at some point.

And now that it is getting warmer, I am trying to find another spot to store my heavy coats for the season to make more room since they take up about a third of my closet space.

That would make huge difference in how I can utilize the space.

And speaking of videos, today would have been a great day to plan out for the week, but instead, I got sidetracked with cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry.

Then I sat and ate some pie, because I love pie.

Tomorrow I guess I am back to winging it again.

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What I Wore This Week 286


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Sara is the founder and creative behind livelovesara. A George Brown College Fashion Styling Graduate, she provides advice on finding your personal style regardless of age and budget. She is always on the hunt for the perfect wardrobe piece and is a vintage and thrifting enthusiast who can't wait to share her newest finds. She is also trying to learn French.

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