What I Wore This Week 279

A blonde woman is wearing a preppy style outfit. A blue button up, vintage blazer, khaki pants, green Adidas, a vintage Louis Vuitton bag, and a sweater over her shoulders.

A blonde woman is wearing vintage jeans, a black cardigan, ballet flats, and a vintage Gucci bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a asymmetrical blazer, cargos, black boots, a flat cap, and a Balenciaga bag.

A blonde woman is wearing an asymmetrical blazer, wide leg jeans, ballet flats, and a jumbo clutch.

Outfit 1 – Button Up | Blazer (similar) | Khakis | Sweater | Sneakers | Vintage Bag
Outfit 2 – Cardigan | Vintage Jeans | Ballet Flats | Vintage Bag
Outfit 3 – Blazer | Cargos | Boots (similar) | Hat | Bag
Outfit 4 – Blazer | Jeans | Flats | Clutch

I was always really lucky because my girls never were affected by the time change when they were young. They were good sleepers who were hard to get to sleep, but once they were they slept through the night.

Fast forward to me in my 40s and the time change is kicking my ass.

Holy crap do I feel off today. It’s weird because it never used to really bother me except for the lack of daylight. Add that to my sore back and getting older sucks.

It’s windy af today and I can hear and feel all the windows rattling as I am typing this. I wish it had rained or snowed though like they said it would.

I think we had maybe 4 snow days this winter which is unreal.

Incoming spring and summer weather, and I have been seeing a lot of longer-length shorts starting to make an appearance in the new spring lineups.

For someone who literally never wears shorts, this might be a nice compromise.

Literally means literally in this instance. I don’t own a single pair, and the last time I wore them was for like 30 minutes back in 2016 before I changed because I hated them and then I promptly donated them.

As you know by my complaining year and year out, I hate summer. I hate the heat, I hate the clothes. I feel like it sucks any joy I have out of dressing.

And I would rather melt into a puddle than wear shorts, so seeing longer options is something that might actually work for me.

They give me a dressier, long cargo short vibe. They hit below the knee and probably are more closely related to culottes than shorts. And I will do a pair of culottes.

We shall see, because last year was a hot one, and I leaned heavily into linen long sleeves, and airy wide leg pants as my go-to. Even skirts and dresses felt kind of meh.

Damn, I am not looking forward to the heat. Why can’t I live in a 15-18°C bubble? That is perfect for me.

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What I Wore This Week 278


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