What I Wore This Week 278

A blonde woman is wearing a white t-shirt, vintage Levi's, black boots, a vintage bomber jacket, and is carrying a vintage Gucci bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a sweater, Adidas track pants, Onitsuka Tigers, and a vintage Bomber jacket.

A blonde woman is wearing a Vision Stree wear t-shirt, Vintage blazer, cargo pants, mesh flats, and a Balenciaga handbag/

A blonde woman is wearing a navy blue oversized knit, wide leg jeans, brown ballet flats, and an old Celine bag.

Outfit 1 – T-shirt | Vintage Jeans | Vintage Jacket | Boots (similar) | Sunglasses (old) | Vintage Bag
Outfit 2 – Sweater | Adidas Track Pants | Sneakers | Vintage Jacket
Outfit 3 – T-shirt | Cargos | Blazer | Mesh Flats | Handbag
Outfit 4 – Sweater | Jeans | Flats | Handbag

I love it when I have to designate one of the days of the weekend as my headache day. At least it wasn’t a migraine. Bright side?

We all know that macaroni and cheese is supposed to be the one thing that all kids like to eat, right?

And I make a good homemade version if I do say so myself. Both my oldest and husband love it…but my youngest doesn’t. Which means multiple different meals as per usual.

I thought she would grow out of food pickiness by now.

C’est la vie. But if you want a good recipe, then this one is excellent. I like adding some extra spices and a bit of hot sauce when making it though.

My new vintage bomber jacket arrived (as seen above) and I got to wear it a few times last week due to the abnormally warmer weather.

Tomorrow is going to be around 15, and I think I might try to go sockless to give the new ballet flats a real test, because I sold some stuff on Poshmark this weekend and I need to go for a walk to mail them.

The clocks change this upcoming weekend which seems like the time went by fast.

I’m not going to complain though because while I don’t enjoy increasingly warmer weather, I do enjoy the longer daylight.

For some reason it makes me feel like I can accomplish more. Which is purely psychological.

I was trying to brush out some knots in my little guy’s fur, but he was absolutely not having it, so I gave up for now.

I’ve tried to make it a goal to get one knot out a day. That way, it works on a continuous cycle since he seems to develop a new one a day, even in a spot I just brushed well yesterday.

I probably should have been more diligent as a kitten so he got used to it, or he might have just hated it anyway. At least he isn’t mean, he just gets mad and vocal.

A quick snuggle and kiss on the head sends him away happy, though. He’s my sweet boy.

Severus on the other hand would not be pleasant, and I am thankful he is short-haired because I would need to wear falconry gloves.

Lastly, I can’t stop thinking about the Chloe F/W show. It really brought back the boho and it was all kinds of nostalgic. I can’t wait to see how this transitions to what will be sold in stores.

Predictions: Lace, capes, heavy gold jewellery, large sunglasses, huge bags, fringe, loose ruffled blouses, tartan, and long 70s inspired gauzy dresses.

The kitten heel clogs instantly became a wishlist item.

Welcome back Chloe.

That is all.

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