A 12 Piece Retro 70s Spring Capsule Wardrobe

A white background with 12 clothing items plus shoes and accessories for a 12 Piece Retro 70s Spring capsule wardrobe. In the middle is a black box with white text that reads, "A 12 Piece Retro 70s Spring Capsule Wardrobe."

If there is one thing that this recent fashion week has shown us, it is that 1970s inspired dressing is on its way back. This is a modern take on 1970s style but I made sure to sprinkle in some authentic 1970s pieces.

During this past fashion week, the Chloe show really brought this retro 70s aesthetic to the forefront and I am here for it.

It was filled with flowy pieces, sheer, leather, suede, chunky shoes, big glasses, and slouchy bags. It was very reminiscent of what we saw with Chloe in the 00s.

Fashion is cyclical and this wheel is spinning fast.

The fashion week shows were for the upcoming fall and winter season but jumping on trends early is never a bad thing.

Not only does it show that you are aware of trends and styles, but it also allows you to get to the good stuff before everyone catches on and they become hard to find once fall rolls around.

Like the 1970s inspired Adidas.

I bought them first in green awhile back (you can see them on me here) and they were fully stocked. Now they keep selling out and have to release them with announcements.

I managed to grab this brown pair as well before they were all gone, but there was a release today and I am not certain how fast they will go. I’m sure it will vary by colour.

It depends on how fast the trend is catching on.

A guy came up to me this week when I was waiting to pick up dinner to ask where I found mine (the brown pair) because he was hunting for them and couldn’t find any in stock.

So I guess there is accuracy in the statement that they are taking over the Samba trend this season. They come in some fantastic retro colours too.

The fun thing about this 70s style resurgence is that you can go as big or little as you want.

If any of your style adjectives are 70s, boho, retro, or vintage then you will probably lean more heavily into this style of dressing.

For those that like something on a smaller scale, then you might appreciate a flare-leg jean, tie-neck blouse, large sunglasses, platforms/wedges/or high espadrilles, hobo bags, long leather trenches, or large earrings.

But you will showcase these one at a time versus all at once.

A 12 Piece Retro 70s Spring Capsule Wardrobe

A white background with 12 outfits for A 12 Retro 70s Minimalist Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

Tie Blouse | Patch Handbag | Flare Jeans | Earrings | Clogs | Burgundy Bag | Blazer | Patch Coat | Blue Flats | Polo Shirt | Vest | Fisherman Sandals | Wrap Dress | Skirt | Hat | Denim Culottes | Belt | Sweater | Brown Linen Pants | Heels | Sunglasses | Mustard Yellow Bag | Yellow Polo | Sneakers

What is 1970s Fashion and How Can We Wear It?

The 1970s is one of the most fashionable eras, and one way we can tell is that we can look back at much of it without cringing.

We still look at it for inspiration and guidance on how to wear specific pieces that are still popular today.

The 1970s gave us so much when it comes to fashion and there are some key pieces that we still see season after season.

With this resurgence comes slight variations in style or cut but the heart of the piece is always there.

Flares for instance, we see that same silhouette in the high-waisted, wide-leg denim that is popular.

Platforms of varying heights and styles are another we see consistently.

Let’s not forget jumpsuits. We have seen them season after season for a long time now. You can find a jumpsuit for any occasion.

A few others are knee-high boots, wrap dresses, large sunglasses, vests and menswear suiting.

All of these are pieces that you have definitely noticed circulating in stores, especially more recently.

This is how we know a style is good. It is like 90s minimalism but kind of in an opposite way.

90s minimalism is classic and undated looking while the 70s aesthetic is visually pinpointed to a specific decade but has evolved into very modern versions of it.

So while the vibe and heart of it is 1970s, it is still very modern.

Some key characteristics of 1970s fashion to look for and implement if you want to integrate this vibe into your wardrobe are:

Bohemian (Boho) Chic: Inspired by the hippie movements of the late ’60s, the bohemian style emphasized free-flowing fabrics, natural materials, and ethnic patterns.

Maxi dresses, peasant blouses, and tiered skirts with floral prints or paisleys are modern reflections of this trend.

Disco Glamour which is super fun. The disco era brought about a love for shiny, flashy clothing.

Today’s fashion recaptures this with metallic fabrics, sequins, and satin in dresses, tops, and accessories. High-waisted pants, halter neck tops, and platform shoes also echo the disco style.

Punk Influences for our more edgy people. Emerging in the late ’70s, punk fashion introduced a rebellious edge with leather jackets, ripped jeans, and DIY aesthetics.

Modern fashion incorporates this with studded accessories, band t-shirts, and distressed denim.

Denim on Denim is the staple that keeps on giving.

The ’70s saw the rise of denim as a fashion staple. Modern iterations include high-waisted flared jeans, denim jackets, and jumpsuits, often worn together for a double-denim look.

The denim culottes I saw in COS last night while I was looking to see if they had their grey burmuda/culottes in stock. These are so absolutely cool in person.

The denim is lightweight enough that the pleating isn’t stiff, and they are transitional through the season and would look fantastic with a high shaft boot underneath and a black turtleneck come fall. So good.

Earthy Tones and Suede and ahem, 70s green which is my favourite colour.

Earth tones like brown, orange, and mustard were popular in the ’70s, as was suede material for jackets, skirts, and boots.

These elements are prevalent in current fashion for a retro feel.

Tailored Yet Relaxed Silhouettes are the look we want to embrace this season. And while I love a good oversized blazer I hate to break it to you but we are starting to lean to the tailored blazer fits again.

But this time around it isn’t going to be only one way, both fits can exist at the same time. You don’t need to pick one, switch between them depending on your mood.

I think a tailored blazer on top would perfectly balance a more oversized or voluminous bottom like slouchy jeans, or a full skirt.

So while the ’70s had its share of tight-fitting attire, there was also a significant lean towards more tailored, yet relaxed fits, such as wide-leg trousers and blazers, a trend that continues today.

Accessories are where it is at if you want to dabble without committing to the big pieces.

Large sunglasses, wide belts, and chunky jewellery were all the rage in the 70s and are often used today to complement a retro-inspired outfit.

You can often find these pieces while thrifting and it is such a fun and affordable way to add something extra to your wardrobe.

Try layering and use texture.

The layering of different fabrics and textures (like knit with denim or silk with suede) was a hallmark of 70s fashion, a technique still employed in modern styling to add depth and interest to an outfit.

It especially looks fantastic in a monochromatic outfit to see a mixture of textures.

Spring is the perfect time to try the 70s aesthetic out because the weather is still cool enough to layer a bit, and you can see what you like and what you can transition through to the warmer months ahead.

The best though, is shopping for and finding authentic 1970s treasures so happy vintage shopping!

Retro 70s Inspired Spring Outfits for Women

A white background with 12 outfits for A 12 Piece Retro 70s Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

A white background with 12 outfits for A 12 Piece Retro 70s Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

Tie Blouse | Patch Handbag | Flare Jeans | Earrings | Clogs | Burgundy Bag | Blazer | Patch Coat | Blue Flats | Polo Shirt | Vest | Fisherman Sandals | Wrap Dress | Skirt | Hat | Denim Culottes | Belt | Sweater | Brown Linen Pants | Heels | Sunglasses | Mustard Yellow Bag | Yellow Polo | Sneakers

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