A 12 Piece Spring Capsule Wardrobe with Spring Trends

A white background with 12 clothing items plus shoes and accessories for a 12 Piece Trendy Spring capsule wardrobe that's both stylish and easy. In the middle is a black box with white text that reads, "A 12 Piece Trendy Spring Capsule Wardrobe."

A question I often get is, Sara, how can I stay true to my personal style but still embrace the seasonal fashion trends? The answer? Be picky and choose the seasonal trends that work with your style. 

I think we make it more difficult than it has to be.

The focus shouldn’t be on whether you are buying pieces because they are trendy, but instead on what trendy pieces you like enough to buy.

Because there is no way that you are going to love them all, and it is okay to opt out of them.

Like the hot pants trend. That isn’t happening in my wardrobe.

So focus on which trends make sense for you in your wardrobe. And if you are scared of jumping into any of the big ones, embrace the small trends like jewellery, bags, or accessories.

There isn’t a definitive answer.

You can go as big or small as you want.

For example the burgundy trend. Maybe you want something that just nods to the trend like a pair of burgundy sunglasses.

Or maybe you want to really jump in and do a burgundy slip dress, blazer, and bag.

It’s up to you how big or small you want to go, and it will depend entirely on your style and your feelings about the trend.

I love burgundy a lot. The oxblood Doc Marten’s were and always will be my favoured colour of that boot.

It seems like a weird choice to be a spring trending colour but I am so on board with embracing non-traditional seasonal colours.

We have it in our head that burgundy is only for fall, but what if it isn’t?

What if we can wear any colour we want during any season?

There is something very freeing in that mindset, and I appreciate them veering from what we would normally see.

I like pastels, sometimes. But I like them in small doses, so when spring and summer come around and I see an overwhelming amount of them, it’s uninspiring for me.

These burgundy and grey non-traditional spring colours will be like a breath of fresh air for those of us who lean heavily into a more fall/winter colour palette. 

A 12 Piece Trendy Spring Capsule Wardrobe

A white background with 12 pieces and accessories for A 12 Piece Trendy Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

Animal Print Shirt | Dark Denim | Brown Boots | Headband | Earrings | Cardigan | Bomber Jacket | Orange Flats | Black Bag | Striped Shirt | Mesh Flats | Burgundy Tote | Grey Skirt | Grey Sweater | Grey Socks | Black Sweater | Belt | Scarf | Black Jeans | Polo Shirt | Sneakers | Clutch | Sunglasses | Brown Socks | White Button Up | Gold Heels | Trousers

How to Add Spring Trends to Your Capsule Wardrobe

Integrating fashion trends into your wardrobe allows you to refresh your style while staying true to your personal aesthetic.

Start with Trendy Accessories – Accessories are the easiest and most cost-effective way to update your look.

Choose items like jewellery, belts, or bags that reflect the latest trends. For example, fringe is a major trend, consider a fringe bag or earrings instead of a fringe jacket or skirt.

Invest in Key Trending Pieces – Select one or two key pieces that strongly represent the season’s trends and make sure they can be mixed and matched with what you already own.

For Spring 2024, this could mean a high-waisted skirt or a cardigan with unique knit patterns.

Play with Color and Texture – If the season’s trends include specific colours or textures, incorporate them through items that you’re comfortable wearing. There are several trending colours this season.

Update Your Classics with a Twist – Look for classic pieces that have been updated with a trendy element.

This could be a trench coat with a new silhouette or a pair of sneakers in a trendy colour. I bought these green and yellow sneakers for spring.

It’s a great way to stay current without straying too far from your comfort zone.

Experiment with Layering – Layering allows you to incorporate multiple trends at once and can add depth to your outfit. Mix and match textures and fabrics according to the season’s trends, like layering a sporty collegiate jacket over a full skirt.

Embrace Trendy Prints and Patterns – Incorporate trendy prints and patterns through items that can be easily mixed with neutral pieces in your wardrobe.

A floral-print skirt or a geometric-patterned blouse can make a statement without overwhelming your look.

Tailor Trends to Your Personal Style -It’s important to adapt trends to suit your personal style.

Not every trend will work for everyone, so choose those that resonate with you and that you feel comfortable wearing.

Sustainable Trend Incorporation – Consider the longevity of a trend before investing, and opt for sustainable brands or second-hand items when possible.

This approach ensures that your fashion choices are both eco-friendly and economical.

Get Creative with Styling – Sometimes, it’s not about adding new pieces but styling existing ones in new ways. Just tying a sweater over your shoulders immediately makes you on-trend.

You don’t even need to update your wardrobe to do this. Simple and effective.

The key to integrating trends is to make them work for you, not the other way around.

What are Some Spring 2024 Fashion Trends?

For Spring 2024, women’s fashion trends are a vibrant mix of comfort, nostalgia, and innovation, showcasing everything from cozy knitwear to bold layering and playful proportions.

Here are some things that are trending, and which ones I added to this spring capsule wardrobe if applicable.

Knitwear Reinvented: Cardigans and fair isle knits are the focus presenting intricate designs and playful takes on traditional patterns.

I incorporated a long boyfriend cardigan.

Layering with a Twist: Layering gets a creative update with unexpected juxtapositions that blend casual and intentional styling.

Brands like Balenciaga, Miu Miu, and Louis Vuitton played with layers in a way that feels laid-back yet deliberate, suggesting a new approach to combining pieces from your wardrobe​​.

The Return of Fringe: Fringe makes a comeback, featured in everything from subtle garment edges to full-on head-to-toe looks.

I bought my fringe jacket around this time last year after scouring the internet for one. It’s a chocolate brown suede from the 1970s.

Chocolate brown is a trend as well so I was able to hit two birds with one stone before I even knew that either was going to be trendy.

See? Buy what you love, and the trends seem to follow. You can see my jacket here. There are a lot of vintage styles on Etsy, and even Zara put out one this past week.

Playing with Proportions: Spring 2024 brings us more experimentation with proportions. Everything from extremely high-waisted bottoms to oversized accents like Peter Pan collars and buttons.

This trend encourages a bold approach to silhouette and shape​​.

Sporty Chic: The sportswear trend evolves into a more elevated look, pairing classic athletic elements with more formal or festive pieces.

This includes skirts and bomber jackets at Louis Vuitton, blazers, polos and shorts at Miu Miu, and satin pants with windbreakers at The Row, blending sportiness with sophistication​​.

Contrast and Unconventional Pairings: The theme of contrast and unexpected pairings dominates, with designers mixing delicate and utilitarian elements for a fresh take on spring fashion.

This trend celebrates the beauty of opposites attracting, seen in combinations like slip skirts with wax coats and track shorts with structured jackets​​.

Un Spring-like Colours: We have seen a pivot from the traditional pastels and florals for spring to a more non-traditional palette.

We still have our light colours, like butter yellow, but now we are seeing burgundy and grey show up.

It might be because business wear and suit styling is also huge, and they tend to lean more into this palette.

Whatever the reason I am loving it. In this wardrobe, I included some burgundy sunglasses, as well as a burgundy tote.

90s and Early 00s: The 90s doesn’t really want to let us go, and if I am being honest I don’t want to let them go. We are seeing a shift into the classics from this period, one being the leather bomber.

There are many different versions of bombers in stores right now but I wanted to go authentic and included a vintage version.

I also recently bought a vintage 90s bomber jacket off of Etsy. It actually arrived today, but my mailman left me a pickup slip even though I was here. Sigh.

Now I have to walk down tomorrow to get it.

I went with a men’s fit because I want something oversized and slouchy to give that juxtaposed look when paired with more feminine pieces.

I also want that classic 90s look when paired with some worn-in jeans, and a white tee or button-up.

90s fashion but always classic.

Some of the smaller and easier trends: You may already have many of these in your closet.

A midi to maxi length skirt in a column fit, or a more full skirt and feminine. The grey one I chose both for its on-trend shape and the colour. I ordered one for myself.

Satin shoes, I went with a bold orange.

Dark denim. Always a classic, but is having a moment right now.

Oversized bags are a big one, and you might still have your huge handbags from about 15 years ago kicking about.

Mesh flats, as we already know. These red mesh are very The Row, minus the astronomical price tag. They are from Massimo Dutti and keep selling out almost immediately.

I got lucky and was awake when they restocked on Tuesday and I got the notification.

You can access Massimo Dutti on the Zara app, but I actually went to the Massimo site and set up stock notifications there.

I noticed that they sent out the notification for the restock way before Zara did. By the time I got the Zara notice they had already sold out again.

So yes they go fast, but they seem to be continuously restocking. Good luck. Mine arrived this evening and I am very satisfied with them.

I mentioned in a previous post that I hate sandals and bare feet, so a mesh flat makes a lot of sense for me and will most likely be my go-to in hot weather.

Plus, I am really bad with staying on top of painting my toenails. These make them not noticeable.

Stripes is also a notable one and easy to implement. The striped shirt that I included I have, it is cotton and has a nice feel and fit.

Tortoiseshell headbands, barrel leg pants, animal print, polo shirts (I included a blue striped version), and gold. Previously it was silver and now there is a lot of gold.

So I added touches of gold like earrings, kitten heels (also a trend), and gold detailing on the belt. This belt is one that I have from Aritzia and it is really nice.

I love it so much that I want the reddish brown and gold version as well which seems to be sold out at the moment, but I’ll keep an eye open.

I think I covered it all. It is a lot, and you don’t need to try all of these. Maybe just one or two. I just wanted to show you how easy it is to integrate them into a wardrobe without losing focus on style and classic pieces.

Style first, trends after.

It is a good season for trends, and these blend comfort with creativity, nostalgia with innovation, and tradition with a twist, promising a spring season full of exciting style possibilities and I can’t wait.

Trendy Outfit Ideas for Spring

A white background with 12 outfits for A 12 Piece Trendy Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

A white background with 12 outfits for A 12 Piece Trendy Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

Animal Print Shirt | Dark Denim | Brown Boots | Headband | Earrings | Cardigan | Bomber Jacket | Orange Flats | Black Bag | Striped Shirt | Mesh Flats | Burgundy Tote | Grey Skirt | Grey Sweater | Grey Socks | Black Sweater | Belt | Scarf | Black Jeans | Polo Shirt | Sneakers | Clutch | Sunglasses | Brown Socks | White Button Up | Gold Heels | Trousers

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