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I finally did an email inbox clean-out. I figured the new year was a good time to unsubscribe from a million business newsletters. For some reason I have trouble letting go of them even if I haven’t bought anything in years.

I feel like I might miss something or forget they exist if I unsubscribe, but I did it.

I wish that I could apply this to my life as well. Unsubscribe from things and minimalize it.

That being said, I know that you set yourself up for failure if you use the new year to make a lot of changes in your life. It’s weird how that became a thing.

The only resolution/goal that I every stuck with was practising my French every day.

Everything else usually goes in the shitter within a month.

I picked up some trousers from a consignment shop that were significantly marked down for the after Christmas sales.

You can see them here. They are Raey and were really long. A 33″ inseam actually, and I had to do a quick makeshift hemming job in order to wear them. I’ll do a better one later, but it is always something that I have done myself.

Ever since I was a teenager. Taking your clothes to a tailor/seamstress wasn’t something you did in the 90s. At least not anyone that I knew.

The doing it myself stuck and while I know a professional would do a better job, in all honesty I couldn’t be bothered to bring it down to one.

So if I didn’t have any basic sewing skills then there would be a lot of things that I would never be able to wear.

I think it is an important skill to have, and thought it was so stupid when they axed home economics from Ontario schools when I was a teen.

While I am a huge proponent of the arts and keeping the arts in school, I personally would have benefited more from a home ec class, than a music class.

I am not a musician, nor do I have any desire to be.

I was terrible at it and it stressed me out.

Weekly Reads and Some Videos:

How History Forgot Rosewood, a Black Town Razed by a White Mob

The shoe worn by Marie Antoinette on the day of her execution, which is super morbid but interesting. She tripped while climbing the stairs of the guillotine, stepped on the executioner’s feet and lost her shoe. Her feet were teeny tiny too. She wore an EU 33.

How to Feel Your Feelings

The Spooky Quest to Build a Google Street View for Graveyards

Inside the Edwardian Manor That Hosted Alexander McQueen. This was such and interesting and fascinating video.

Watch Hundreds of Free Movies on YouTube: Golden-Age Classics, International Masterpieces, and Even 21st-Century Hollywood

The ooh.directory has 951 blogs on every topic

Renfield: Nicolas Cage as Dracula

Amazing rugs

Get a Glimpse of Bygone Worlds Through an Archive of Early Color Photographs Just Published by a French Museum

How to Make Ancient Mesopotamian Beer

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  1. I really love that those chunky lucite rings are coming back. For years I had a translucent purple one that I bought at Gadzooks back in 1995. My daughter actually just picked out a pink one from H&M’s new Keith Haring collection. Clearly she is the hippest 6 year old in southwest England.

    There was a period where several of these racist massacres happened to communities across the US that have long been swept under the rug, and we are finally learning about them now. I went to high school in a suburb of Tulsa, and we learned about the Tulsa Massacre (though it was still called a riot then) when I took Oklahoma History, that was way back in 1998. After that didn’t really hear much about it until The Watchmen TV show a few years back. Now people all over the world are aware of not only Tulsa, but that entire awful period in history.

    • I forgot about Gadzooks 😂 I’ve always loved lucite so being able to find it more readily now is amazing. That ring is so 80s and I adore it. I’m not sure if it would fit the finger I would wear it on though, and I can’t find my ring measuring tool.

      Also, I can’t believe how many stories like that are just forgotten, erased from history like those people didn’t exist. It’s horrifying and sad and frustrating all at once. I had heard about the Tulsa Massacre before but now I wonder how many of these stories exist beyond that, that we will never know of.

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