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A blonde woman is wearing an Isabel Marant sweatshirt, checkered pants, blue vintage coat, green sneakers, and a houndstooth bag.
A blonde woman is wearing an oversized vintage Ralph Lauren coat, boyfriend jeans, mini uggs, a cashmere sweater, driving cap, and an animal print handbag.
A blonde woman is wearing a vintage coat, grey trousers, a grey sweater, Birkenstock Bostons and an animal print bag.
A blonde woman is wearing a roll neck under a button down, under an oversized blazer, with boyfriend jeans, mary janes, retro sunglasses, and an animal print bag.

Outfit 1 – Sweatshirt | Vintage Trousers | Vintage Coat | Sneakers (similar) | Purse
Outfit 2 – Sweater | Jeans | Vintage Coat | Uggs | Hat | Purse (similar)
Outfit 3 – Sweater | Trousers | Vintage Coat | Birkenstocks | Purse
Outfit 4 – Turtleneck | Button Up | Vintage Blazer | Jeans | Mary Janes | Sunglasses | Socks | Purse

I forgot how much having a cold sucks. I generally sleep like crap, but have been sleeping like extra crap recently and am so damn tired. My husband moves around a lot when he is sleeping.

That combined with his snoring, gasping, and twitching means that I don’t have a restful sleep until he leaves for work and most days that is only an hour before I get up.

So it really catches up to you, and he definitely needs to go to a sleep clinic because I am fairly postive he has sleep apnea.

It’s also unseasonably warm for the past couple of days, and sunny so our apartment heats up by 9 am when the sun is blasting in.

On a positive note, at night when I look out from the balcony and the windows I can see quite a few people have hung up Christmas lights.

You might be thinking, already?

But I saw that Walmart had lights for sale already (I bought some because our tree lights burnt out).

I also think that over the last few years, people have learned to stretch out and celebrate what they enjoy, and if that means Christmas lights or decor out already, then I am all for it.

My youngest really loves the vintage Beistle Halloween decorations and The Creepy Company put out some Beistle Merchandise, so I bought her this throw blanket.

If it is made like their other throws that we own, it is really soft and well-made.

She is a hot sleeper so only uses throw blankets for bedtime. She gets way too hot with her duvet.

If you like vintage Halloween decorations I found this company that has tons. I meant to order some this year but waited too long.

They are good to bookmark for later though.

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This post contains affiliate links. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting what I do 🙂

This post contains affiliate links. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting what I do 🙂

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  1. I hope you get ovr your cold quickly! I had my second bout of covid two weeks ago. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the first go round, but it feels like it’s taking longer to fully recover this time around. Nothing major, lingering cough, congestion slow to clear up. Nothing serious, just a bit frustrationg. Luckily noone else at home caught it. My boss got it from her husband and infected exactly 50% of our team, so that was a fun week at work. Luckily I was well enough to work from home the whole time, everyone else who was sick had to take at least a couple of days!

    My husband keeps trying to get me to get started on present shopping. I refuse until at least Black Friday, with the exception of presents for the kiddo (just cause shopping for a six-year-old is fun so I find stuff year round). I do listen to my Xmas playlist whenever it’s gray and cold, which is most of the year in the UK.

    • Thank you! I’m already starting to feel better. I thought it was Covid at first too but we’ve all tested negative more than once. It’s just one of those nasty viruses that are circulating right now.

      I’m sorry you caught it again. As much as people think it’s done, it’s still so rampant which is why I thought it finally caught up to us.

      I feel like I’ve fallen so behind in my shopping. There are three birthdays in my house that all come from November to Christmas so I have to figure that crap out too.

      I do love me a good Christmas playlist though and have it on repeat from now until new year’s.

      I’m glad your second bought cleared quicker and no one else in the house caught it. The sickness cycle is never ending at this time of year, especially with kids.

      I’ll take gray and cold over our sunny and unseasonably hot right now 😂

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