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When I was young I always looked forward to this long weekend because it was the unofficial start of summer, and back then I actually liked summer because it was a different experience than it is now.

Now, I can’t actually believe that we have hit summer already, and I almost feel like I have to start to think about Christmas shopping again.

This seems ridiculous, but in reality, it sneaks up so bloody fast, and I liked to be prepared.

I am currently making 1am ramen, finishing laundry, and playing Ooga Booga with the cat.

What is Ooga Booga you may ask?

It’s when I walk down the hall verrrry slowly, and he hides. Then he tries to jump out at me to scare me, but I usually scare him first.

Then it’s my turn to hide and he walks down the hall and I scare him.

It’s quite cute, and our special game.

Anyway, I’d rather be playing Ooga Booga, than camping this weekend which many people do.

I hate camping.

Weekly Reads and some videos:

So, who had Monkeypox on their “what the fuck else can happen in 2022” bingo card? Super fun.

What is a Trend Anymore?

23 Extended-Size Outfit Ideas to Inspire You for Summer

Go Inside Rick Owens’s Minimalist, Brutalist Home and Closet. His home is just as fascinating as he and his fashion creations.

Older Women Overwhelmingly Live in Poverty – (Medium)

May’s Hottest Fashion Drops – Elle

Bird-watcher wrongfully accused in Central Park video gets a bird-watching TV show

Bionic Reading. An interesting concept.

Naked Lovebird Guards His Dollhouse. I love birds so much.

Plufl – The Dog Bed for Humans. I’d absolutely sleep, nap, and read in this.

Stay safe.

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