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Today was the big release of the Monster High Doll reissues and my girls were so stoked because they collect the old dolls and are very excited that they decided to bring them back.

Well, it wasn’t release day in Canada much to their disappointment.

They made sure that we got up nice and early to get to Walmart just in case, but nope.

I hate when this happens.

Oh well. It gives them lots of time to save up for them, I guess, since I was going to be footing the bill if they were there today, and then they would work it off.

My newest class started yesterday and I feel old. Everyone in there is in their early 20s, so that is super fun.

On a positive note, they turned the air conditioning on in the building, so I have it blasting. I love it when I have to dress warmly in the house.

Weekly Reads and Some Videos:

This is Spinal Tap sequel in the works

Before Pollock Saw Her Work, A Ukrainian Woman Pioneered Drip Painting. Surprise, surprise. A man stealing an idea from a woman and taking credit.

A mind-bending trip that summons the forgotten women of surrealism

Scientists Discover Method to Break Down Plastic in Days, Not Centuries

Monochromatic Suits Are the Foolproof Outfit to Add to Your Summer Closet. I just got the matching trousers to my blazer, and I am excited to wear them. It is a summer wool, so it is nice and light.

Owl Immediately Adopts Two Rescue Chicks the Moment She Meets Them – After Her Own Eggs Failed. This was so beautiful.

An app to track how you feel

This is a great blanket.

The Stories of Strange Women

75 Songs From 2004 Remixed Into 4 Minutes

Family discover ancient chapel hidden under their house. Well shit, wouldn’t that be cool?

Stay safe.

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  1. Of I remember correctly, wasn’t Spinal Tap out of print for awhile in the 90s? I remember watching it at my uncle’s house and all my friends being so jealous because they’d heard about it but couldn’t find a copy anywhere. My favorite scene is actually the craft services one, with the olives. “Who’s in here? No one. Who’s in here? Oh it’s a little guy!” It still cracks me up after all this time.

    • I’m not sure but I’ll ask my brother. He was a huge Spinal Tap fan back in the day. It’s hilarious. One of those iconic movies that so many people haven’t seen.

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