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It is Tom’s birthday today and every year he gets to request a cake that I make. For the last 3 years he has chosen the same cake. It is a cheesecake that I tweaked the recipe for since we aren’t huge white chocolate fans.

I am absolutely not a baker, but I substitute semi-sweet for the white chocolate and it is one of the best cheesecakes that I have had.

I am not big on ridiculously sweet things. After a taste or two, it starts to be overwhelming and make me feel sick.

This one is decadent without being nauseating. It’s really good, even if straining seeds out of raspberries is an obnoxious task.

Tis’ the season for holiday party wear, and I decided that I really like this dress. I really enjoy sequins and this is a more underrated sequin dress.

When I was searching for gifts online today I noticed that my Friends light is back in stock in case you have a Friends lover to buy for.

It is super cute, and I put it on the wall beside my desk…which is basically a part of my living room.

This brings me to a kind of rant. I haven’t decided yet if it is a rant or observation that I am feeling ambivalent towards.

I’ve noticed a trend lately…well not really lately but I am noticing it more and more with people that I assume are regular income making families versus huge influencers who obviously have gigantic million dollar homes.

What I am noticing is that everyone seems to have either a completely separate room for their closet or an emptyish room in their home where they can film videos and take pictures. It serves no other purpose than that.

Is this normal now?

Coming from someone who doesn’t even have a closet, I can’t even imagine having enough rooms in your home that you can either dedicate to only your clothes or keep empty.

I guess I come from a lifestyle that every room has a household purpose, and that purpose is to either store shit or be a room that the family uses for whatever reason.

I feel like maybe I am not the norm now, either that or I am letting Instagram get to me :/

Anyway, it is the weekend and besides homework, I have determined that I am going to get some of this crap put away, organized, and purged so it is not staring at me in the face anymore.

Maybe it will make me feel better.

Weekly Reads and some videos:

Three Big Ableist Myths About the Life of Helen Keller

All of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Performed on Original Baroque Instruments

The world’s first anti-vaccination movement spread fears of half-cow babies – Washington Post

Collective Wisdom: Lessons, Inspiration, and Advice from Women Over 50 – A nice gift idea.

An Airpod Tip/Trick

Adopt a Lyle

What went right this week

The Eyeless Girls. These are beautiful paintings.

How I wish that I had 2.6 million Euros.

How the Ancient Romans Went to the Bathroom. I have a weird interest in the history of hygiene and sanitation.

Here are Ten Facts About International Men’s Day, As I Solemnly Walk into the Ocean

Stay safe.

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