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I treated myself this week and bought a pair of boots that I have been stalking since summer. By stalking, I mean keeping the tab open and checking to make sure that they still have my size every single day.

This may also have involved adding it to my cart and almost checking out too.

Does it count as treating yourself if you sell things to buy it though?

My size kept selling out and restocking, so I panicked and started gathering things to sell on Poshmark.

I ended up selling one jacket, a sweater, a shirt, and two pairs of shoes to finance them but they are worth it.

I had a little size anxiety with them because this brand fits inconsistently depending on the style. I have one pair of 39s that fit well, one that fits okay but would be better half a size up (selling them), and a size 40 that is almost too big (also selling these).

So I was like “which size, 39 or 40 since they don’t have half sizes?”

I decided that it’s better to be a little big than a little small so I went with the 40. They are a tad roomy but I can easily fix that with an insole. My feet are narrow and I often have to do that with shoes anyway.

For reference, I am an 8-8.5. I usually get an 8 in shoes but sometimes I need a little more room. I would equate the size 40 of these boots to in between an 8.5-9, but the 39s feel like 7.5-8.

Anyway, I can’t wait to wear them.

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