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This week was a classic case of every day feeling like Monday. I find that I have been sleeping like the dead at night, only to feel unrested and unproductive during the day.

This is obviously an effect of the last 5 months…or is it six now.

I have no idea and I don’t feel like counting.

Although I did manage to buy a couple of Christmas presents this week which I guess is somewhat productive.

Does the thought of Christmas scare you?

They are only small items but they are cute.

I bought this snowglobe, and these socks for Merle.

And this t-shirt for Roo.

Yes, I buy Christmas presents at Halloween stores. They have things my girls like.

I feel like I just want to get it done so I don’t have it hovering over my head over the next few months.

Side note: Merle made her Halloween costume decision this week.

She knows there will probably be no trick or treating this year but she wants to have a costume anyway.

She has decided on Coraline, but maybe with a sewed on button eye if I can figure something out.

I can’t see her letting me glue something to her face so I might have to try to tap into my ever-elusive creativity vault to think of some options.

Stay Safe.

And it’s Friday in case you are lost too.

Weekly Reads and Some Videos:

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  1. Hello! As always enjoy your list of finds….I was just wondering if there is a link for #24? The belt? That would be such a great piece for fall….thank you!

    • I updated it! Sorry I missed it. I was rushing and didn’t edit properly. It comes in four colours I believe. I love a good obi style belt.

  2. No worries…thank you for the update! I love your style and appreciate all the hard work you do to give us really cool wardrobe ideas…have a great day!

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