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Ugh. The girls have a dentist appointment next week and I am debating whether to cancel it and reschedule in a few months or take them while our numbers are down and the risk is lower.

I have a feeling that things might get worse in the fall again, so I think it’s probably best to get them in now right?

It’s just for a routine cleaning and check-up but Merle had a spot that they wanted to keep an eye on to make sure it wasn’t going to turn into a cavity.

Our luck it proably has and she’ll have to go in a agin to get it filled :/

Nothing really new or exciting happened this week.

Same old shit, different day.

Stay safe.

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  1. i’m in the same boat. i had a dentist appointment that was originally scheduled for march that obviously got canceled. they tried to reschedule me for june and i said lol that’s ok, i’ll wait and see what happens. it’s been rescheduled again for the end of august and i figure i might as well go ahead and get it over with, before a potential second wave hits and i’m left with manky teeth :/

    what’s giving me life at the moment is that halloween stuff is trickling in, and i’m here for all the extra horror movies and tv shows starting. i saw on your instagram that the spirit halloween store opened, so i’m gonna have to go into town and see if ours has popped up as well. my husband and i always have a good time just wandering around and checking out the creepy masks.

    • I should probably go to the dentist too just in case 😬 We have literally looked forward to Spirit opening since it closed for the season. It’s about a 7 minute walk from here which is even better. I’m glad they were able to open early this year because last year they didn’t open until mid September which made the season slashing, but I guess there are lots of empty stores for them to choose from now. Trick or treating is probably kiboshed this year but my youngest is still doing a costume because she lives for this. We just need to figure out what it’s going to be. She’s usually a way months in advance preparer but we are feeling uninspired this year.

      • oh nice that you’ve got one so close!! i ended up having to go into town last night, so i had a nose around the shopping centre. the place where they normally set up shop for Spirit is now a furniture overstock warehouse, so major bummer. i haven’t heard about plans for trick or treating in our area this year, but i would imagine that they won’t even do some edited version of a trunk or treat or just coordinate that people leave candy out on their porch for grabs. your girls’ costumes are the best, i would imagine it gets harder to try and top them every year. maybe look at a particular decade and narrow it down to movies or books in that time period? though i can’t blame her, i think this whole year has left a lot of people uninspired in general!

  2. I just read the article on the lost city. Thank you that was really interesting 😊

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