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This was a hard week. If you didn’t hear, on Monday Toronto had a van attack. Ten people are dead and 14 others are wounded after a man purposefully ran over people on Yonge St. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the news. Even now it’s still hard to wrap my head around because you just want to know why? He was apprehended soon after but the reason behind the attack is still not certain. A Toronto Fundraising site has raised 1.5 million as of now, so here is the link if you wish to donate to the cause.

On a more positive note they caught the Golden State Killer after 40 years using online DNA sites. This has caused a slight uproar in the Geneology/DNA research community in regards to accessing peoples’ DNA without their “permission” to help them solve this crime. Lots of people say it’s a slippery slope (I hate that term) but I say if you can use my DNA to help find a criminal than use it. If you can use my DNA to try to solve cold cases, to help find the identities of Jon and Jane Does, and even to understand and potentially cure genetic diseases then please do. While I initially took the DNA test it was to piece together my heritage because my dad was adopted. But the potential is so much more than I even realized.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

A Charcuterie would be my death row last meal. I seriously love it and they need to make one of these shops here. Immediately.

Fascinating images show original Windsor Castle after it was built to defend against ,medieval Home Counties. I love shit like this. I could look at historical reconstructions all day long. This here is one of my favourite shows ever. Sooooo fascinating. I would say that would be my dream job.

How Spanish, not English was nearly the world’s language.

Even Jessica Biel packs light.

Some movies coming to theatres in May.

Chris Hadfield teaches space exploration.

Last week I said we should eat breakfast like they do in Europe. I’m revising that to What Does The World Eat for Breakfast? Yum. I’m a much more savoury than sweet person and many of these look right up my alley.

The Ultimate Harry Potter Travel Bucket List. I’ll add it to my ever-growing list.

33 Inspirational Quotes for Women that Can Make Anyone Feel Empowered. .

Do you like internet rabbit trails? How about Show Me Everything for hours of lost time 😉

Sooooo I still haven’t done my taxes. Guess what I am doing this weekend? 

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  1. I always enjoy your weekly reads so thanks for taking the time to post them. I agree about the use of DNA. At first I questioned it in this case about the Golden State killer, but then on further thinking I thought, why not? Truthfully, we have all had to give our permission to have our DNA made public on any sites we’ve uploaded it to, so people who don’t want that need to think twice about uploading and/or even having their DNA done. DNA tests are unlocking many, many family secrets and to me the truth coming out is a good thing. I do believe the companies like Ancestry and 23andMe are slightly misleading people by making their advertising all about finding your ethnicity, because the side effects of doing that are sometimes that you find your dad’s not your dad (called a “non-paternal event”) or that your great-uncle fathered a child given up for adoption in 1967 (true story, that one, in my family). People need to be aware of all of the implications of DNA testing before they do it, but I don’t think any of these uses are bad things.

    On another note about the Toronto thing, have you heard about the “incel” stuff the guy was involved in? The misogyny terrorism is truly terrifying.

    • I agree with the misleading advertisements. One of my closest matches on Ancestry could be the key to finding out who my dad’s birth father is. She won’t respond to my messages so I know she did the test just for the ethnicity and has not interest in any surprise relatives that may free some family secrets. I get it, but it’s really frustrating. His birth mother’s side has been nothing but completely welcoming. His half sister is a genealogist so she new and was okay with finding any surprises, and was actually actively looking for him.

      There isn’t tons of information yet but I have seen a quite a few mentions of the incel stuff. These are the reasons why women are so scared to reject men and/or speak up about things. Even at my age I have found myself in situations where I felt uncomfortable but scared to be anything but polite. It’s beyond terrifying.

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