What I Wore This Week

I'm wearing a long floral Zara Kimono | A vintage Rush Band tee | High waist Jeans | Green New Balance Sneakers

I'm wearing a black wide leg jumpsuit | a grey Pabst tee | and Adidas

I'm wearing a cropped tweed jacket | A vintage The Who Raglan | Distressed boyfriend jeans, and Adidas

I'm wearing a David Bowie Tee | side striped trousers | a long trench | and adidas superstars

Outfit 1 – Long Kimono old (similar here and here) | Vintage Rush Tee | High Waist jeans | Green Sneakers |
Outfit 2 – Jumpsuit | Grey tee | Adidas | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Cropped Tweed jacket old (similar) | Vintage The Who Raglan (I found mine for $10 at a v vintage toy convention) | Jeans | Sneakers | Purse | Watch |
Outfit 4 – Trench (similar) | Bowie tee | Side stripe trousers | Sneakers | Purse | Watch |


Today was sort of an epic write off, I admit. I pretty much spent a huge part of the day googling and reading articles on medieval facial reconstruction. One article would lead to another, then Youtube videos, and Wikipedia. It kind of just took over my day. I did manage to submit my taxes early this morning (to my accountant person to look over), change the sheets, and do some laundry so I guess it wasn’t all a waste. We were going to go thrifting but I saw an email from Value Village this morning saying it was a 50% off day pre-sale for card members which means that it would be epically busy, and picked over so we skipped it.

I also had a light argument with Tom because he found an old licence of his and was trying to convince me that he looked like Bradley Cooper from Limitless in the photo. He doesn’t. I tried to tell him that you aren’t supposed to say you resemble someone, other people are supposed to tell you that you look like or remind them of (whatever famous person). He wasn’t having it, and we obviously argue over stupid shit. He really doesn’t though. No one has ever said it, nor will anyone ever.

After I finish this post, my goal for tonight is to find a cheap or free version of this book  because it was highly recommended on Reddit as a good historical read (it’s much cheaper on amazon.com than amazon.ca unfortunately). I am also counting down the hours until the new Sarah Maas Court Series book is released. It’s just a novella but I will take anything at this point because I feel like I am going through withdrawal even though it has only been a few weeks since I finished the first three books. It comes out on May 1st which means that tomorrow at midnight I will be downloading it from iBooks. Although I prefer the Kindle interface, Amazon goes by west coast time and the download won’t be available on Kindle until around 3am, but I can always get a book at midnight on the release date on iBooks. I am not a patient person so waiting is out of the question 😉

Are there any books that you have been waiting to come out? I’m always up for book suggestions.

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