One Band T-shirt 4 Ways

One band T-shirt 4 Ways #1x4 #bandT #whattowear

WeekendBand T-shirt | Cargo Jacket | Boyfriend Jeans | Scarf | Boots | Sunglasses
Lip Gloss | Nail polish | Purse
Going Out for DrinksLeather Pants | Blazer | Heels | Nail polish | Lipstick | Clutch
Casual Date NightJeans | Leather Jacket | Scarf | Lip Gloss | Nail polish | Booties | Purse
BrunchPencil Skirt | Cardigan | Sunglasses | Nail polish | Wedges | Purse 

In my style evolution post I mentioned that I wanted a vintage-looking band t-shirt. I found a few on the Urban Outfitters website that I liked so I went over to my local store and checked to see what they had in stock.

They had a cute Grateful Dead one that was actually number #2 on my list that I liked, but they didn’t have the one that caught my eye last year (The Who).

It sold out online before I could get it because I was slightly baulking over the price since I don’t usually spend $50+ on t-shirts.

I recently saw that they restocked it which is what inspired my store visit, so I ordered it online without giving myself a chance to change my mind again and it just came in the mail yesterday.

I ordered medium (I’m usually a small) because I wanted it to have that slightly oversized, borrowed my husbands vintage tee look.

It’s also 100% cotton and it always sucks when something that fits perfect shrinks in the wash. I could hang it to dry but we all know that those hang dry only items somehow manage to make it into the drier at some point or another so I ordered up a size.

Band t-shirts are hard to wear since they are something that you generally only wear casually so I decided to style it for 4 different outings/occasions in this 1X4 ways post. I also ordered the Urban Outfitters Moto Zip Bag by Silence + Noise in black from them.

I am hoping it is what I have been looking for in a bag. We shall see next week when it is due to arrive.

What is your favourite way to wear a Band T-shirt?

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