Are you Afraid of the Dark? Outfit of the Day 7


My outfit of the day #7 built from my Capsule Wardrobe. This was on a super humid, sunny day s the blouses light and airy and you can totally see my blah bra but I don’t care. The  pants are high-waisted, hair tucked up, and my favourite H&M aviator sunglasses. One day I will buy a pair of Ray Ban aviators. 

Outfit of the Day 7 #ootd

Hat | Blouse | Pants | Sandals |Watch | Sunglasses

Sometimes at weird times random thoughts and memories pop in to my head and I spend way too long thinking about them. As I was lying in bed last night the light was hitting me in the eyes from across the living room it made me think about things. I have never liked the dark. I could never move out to the country because I would be terrified when night-time came. I had a night-light until I was 14 and to this day I cannot sleep in a completely dark house. It seems that Roo has inherited that fear since she has a minimum of three nights on in her room at night to be able to sleep. Which is actually really annoying because it shines right in to my eyes from across the living room (which is what initiated this post.)

When I was ages 4-12 I was borderline OCD with my night-time routine. I had a ritual that I needed to complete to be able to sleep. My bed had to be set up in a very specific way to protect me from vampires, boogie men, and aliens that paid visits during the night. I tried to draw picture of my set-up but it made it hard to understand, so maybe I should set up my bed as an example to get the point across. I use to build a tent around my head because apparently my head was the most vulnerable to these monsters 😉

I had my main pillow flat on the bed, on either side was a larger pillow making a triangle formation with a pillow across the top as a roof. The top of my head along the headboard had an army of stuffed animals to protect me from any hands that may try to grab my head. Every night for 8 years I did this. I recently rediscovered my love of the head tent. Since Roo’s light flashes in my face all night I have started to put a pillow balanced over my head to block the light. It also muffles sounds and seems to make me fall in to a deeper sleep but makes me wake up feeling super groggy. Or maybe that is all the stale air I am breathing in that causes that 😉 I think I need an air purifier and to break her of this light habit because this morning zombie feeling sucks bad. I need to be able to find a way to wake up more alert and rested. Any suggestions? Maybe a secluding pillow dome?

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