For the Love of Yellow



1. Bike Basket | 2. Zara Kid’s Dress | 3. Ikea Chair | 4. Ikea Nightstand | 5. Bra & Underwear Set |

6. Yellow Door via Cheryl Simpson | 7. Typewriter | 8. Zara Kimono Top

 9. Kid’s Hunter Boots (yellow is hard to find so this link is to other colours) | 10. Esty Pillow  | 11. Zara Maxi Skirt

12. Ikea Chair | 13. Ikea Lamp | 14. Zara Jumper | 15. Ikea Toy Chest

My favourite colour is yellow. I tend to wear more black, white, and grey but every once in a while I throw some yellow in the mix. I hate the term “pop of yellow” though. It is my favourite accent colour for a home and I tend to find myself asking, “do you have it in yellow?” when I find something that I like in a store. Actually, I don’t ask that. I usually just go look for myself because I hate asking for help from salespeople even though I worked in retail for many years. I was really excited when I found a pretty yellow vase at Value Village for $2 though. I barely ever have flowers in the home but this is more of a decorative vase than one for flowers anyway. I had a scare the other morning at 3am when Tom was getting ready for work and he knocked it over along with a painting and dropping his shoe box. Thank goodness for a carpeted bedroom.

I noticed this season that Zara has a lot of yellow clothing in both women and children’s clothes. Merle’s favourite colour is yellow too, so this was particularly exciting since she is in the market for a few new pieces. I just wish I had the money right now to get them before the season changes over and the next colour trend becomes something we both don’t like. They had a very yellow window display recently that caught my eye every time we walked past.  The girls would laugh because the mannequins were always weirdly posed almost like the were confronting one another and they have this funny single row of eyelashes on one eye that would tend to fall off and stick further down the face. Roo said the mannequins reminded her of the attacking mannequins in Doctor Who season 1 episode 1. I tend to agree.

Zara Mannequins

Weird eyelashes on the Zara Mannequins (not the yellow display this is from yesterday).


Bad elevator photo with a weird look on her face, but in her favourite colour head to toe yellow.

In the collage at the top are some yellow pieces that I wouldn’t mind implementing into our home/life/wardrobes. My dream future home is very Scandinavian white washed looking with some colour spread throughout. Yellow is one of the colours that I plan on using as an accent. I find it uplifting and brightens up an already bright white room which seems like it would be the antithesis to who I am. I’m sure I come across as someone who would want to live in a dark depressing dungeon based on the way I like to sleep and my general demeanour, but I actually like lots of brightness and light during daylight hours.


And I’m not a very smiley person 😉

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