What I Wore This Week

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

Outfit 1 – Blouse • H&M (similar) | Pants • H&M | Booties • DSW (similar)
Outfit 2 – Leather Jacket • Zara | Sweater • Mango | Watch • Daniel Wellington
Outfit 3 – Sweater • Zara (similar) | Jeans • H&M (similar) | Jacket • Zara | Knit Hat • old (similar) | Shoes • Converse |
Outfit 4 – Sweater • Zara (other colours) | Pants • H&M | Purse • Zara (similar) | Shoes • Adidas |
Outfit 5 – Shirt • Brandy Melville | Jeans • Gap

When it’s Sunday night and your husband has been away working on site all week. You glance around with your outsider eyes and notice how bad the kids have kicked the shit out of the apartment. The apartment that you let slide because it is/was the last few days of Christmas vacation and you really didn’t feel like constantly cleaning while on holidays.  With him due home any time you cringe, maybe weave some swear words together, then rally the troops (ie. the kids) who may or may not be very helpful.  They have the tendency to start strong and then fizzle out to nothing when they get side tracked with missing toys, or are suddenly starving and perishing of thirst. Cleaning brings out the drama in everyone.

So I just cleaned the shit out of the place and now have to prep for school tomorrow. The girls are going to be pissed but I am amping up the work load since Roo is getting so close to high school age (I can’t believe it) shit is starting to get serious. I found 14 pencils when I vacuumed out the couch so we are off to a good start ;)

You know how you get sucked down holes when you are looking online? Like, you start searching something and then end up in a completely different universe? That happens to me on Wikipedia a lot, but today I started looking up slider recipes because I remember seeing one of those Facebook cooking videos that was “Sliders 4 Ways” which I neglected to save and couldn’t find, and somehow I ended up discovering a really cool fashion book. It is called The Fashion Sketchbook by Atsuko Kikuchi, and is written in Japanese. I kind of want it in the original language, but I found a French Version. It’s called Mon Fashion Sketchbook which will be easier for me too muddle through since I am studying French (no matter if I still suck).  The writer/artist is on Instagram under the name oookickooo where she posts pages/art from the book. I jet spent a hour scrolling though and clicking on everything. I searched all over online trying to find a copy with a decent price and shipping which I found at bookdepository.com for $19 (Canadian) and free worldwide shipping. I buy from there a lot and I recommend them.

Side Note: My Ancestry DNA sample arrived at the lab so my mailing worries were for naught. Now to wait 6-8 weeks for my results :( 

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What to Wear in Vancouver, British Columbia

What to Wear in Vancouver British Columbia Outfit Options 1-10 #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #traveltips #livelovesara #livelovesaratravelcapsules

Outfit 1 – Black Long Sleeve | Cardigan | Causal Denim | Clutch | Flats
Outfit 2 – Wrap Top | Black Pants | Sunglasses | Purse | Boots
Outfit 3 – Pullover | Denim | Hat | Purse | Sneakers
Outfit 4 – Blue Long Sleeve | Casual Denim | Clutch | Flats
Outfit 5 – Dress | Coat | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 6 – Pink Blouse | Blazer | Black Pants | Purse | Flats
Outfit 7 – Striped Shirt | Denim | Hat | Grey Scarf | Purse | Sneakers
Outfit 8 – Tank | Blazer | Casual Denim | Coloured Scarf | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 9 – Grey Sweater | Black Pants | Sunglasses | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 10 – Wrap Shirt | Cardigan | Denim | Purse | Flats

Quick and to the point today because I have a puking child :/ These are the outfit options to last posts What to Pack for Vancouver, British Columbia list. It’s actually for the destinations of Denver, Colorado and Vancouver but since both destinations have similar temperature ranges during the point of this trip you should be pretty well covered. Someone mentioned that a water/wind proof jacket would be a good addition because the rain and wind in Vancouver have the tendency to be strong especially if you are venturing off from the city to do some sightseeing.

Coming from a colder climate the temperatures will feel warmer to you, coming from a warmer climate it will feel colder so pack accordingly since this is never a one size fits all sort of deal. An extra sweater, or a knit hat would be good additions.

Vancouver is an amazingly beautiful city, the views and the landscape are breathtaking so I really hope your enjoy this trip.

Happy weekend guys. I hope the sickness doesn’t take anyone else down.

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What to Wear in Vancouver British Columbia Outfit Options 11-20 #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #traveltips #livelovesara #livelovesaratravelcapsules

Outfit 11 – Striped Shirt | Blazer | Casual Denim | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 12 – Pullover | Black Pants | Sunglasses | Purse | Flats
Outfit 13 – Blue Long Sleeve | Denim | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 14 – Pink Blouse | Cardigan | Casual Denim | Purse | Sneakers
Outfit 15 – Dress | Blazer | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 16 – Black Long Sleeve | Black Pants | Hat | Grey Scarf | Purse | Flats
Outfit 17 – Grey Sweater | Denim | Colour Scarf | Purse | Sneakers
Outfit 18 – Wrap Shirt | Casual Denim | Coat | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 19 – Tank | Cardigan | Black Pants | Clutch | Sneakers
Outfit 20 – Pink Blouse | Denim | Purse | Flats

What to Wear in Vancouver British Columbia Outfit Options 21-30 #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #traveltips #livelovesara #livelovesaratravelcapsules

Outfit 21 – Pullover | Casual Denim | Sunglasses | Purse | Boots
Outfit 22 – Striped Shirt | Blazer | Black Pants | Clutch | Sneakers
Outfit 23 – Black Long Sleeve | Denim | Hat | Purse | Flats
Outfit 24 – Pink Blouse | Blazer | Casual Denim | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 25 – Dress | Cardigan | Purse | Sneakers
Outfit 26 – Blue Long Sleeve | Black Pants | Coat | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 27 – Wrap Shirt | Blazer | Denim | Purse | Flats
Outfit 28 – Grey Sweater | Casual Denim | Grey Scarf | Clutch | Sneakers
Outfit 29 – Black Long Sleeve | Blazer | Clutch | Boots
Outfit 30 – Dress | Pullover | Sunglasses | Purse | Sneakers

What to Pack for Vancouver, British Columbia

What to Pack for Vancouver British Columbia 5 Weeks in WInter Packing Light #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #traveltips #livelovesara #livelovesaratravelcapsules

Tank • H&M | Striped Shirt • H&M | Wrap Shirt • Topshop | Blue Long Sleeve • Topshop |
Black Long Sleeve • H&M | Blouse • Mango | Pullover • Mango | V-Neck Sweater • Mango |
Cardigan • Mango | Dress • H&M | Casual Denim • H&M | Denim • Mango | Black Pants • Mango |
Blazer • Dorothy Perkins | Coat • Mango | Coloured Scarf • Urban Outfitters |
Neutral Scarf • Cole Haan | Hat • Brixton | Sunglasses • Le Specs | Flats • Madewell |
Sneakers • Converse | Boots • Topshop | Purse • Matt & Nat | Clutch • Mango

My father was in the air force and when I was a kid I moved a lot. Not as much as a lot of military families but a fair amount. From ages 4 – almost 9 I lived in Victoria, British Columbia which is just a ferry ride across from Vancouver. My grandmother lived in Vancouver so we went there a lot and I loved it. I can honestly say the years there were the best of my childhood, the ones I remember most fondly.  I would love to be able to live in Vancouver but it’s so expensive that I can’t see it ever becoming a reality even though it is the only other city in Canada that Tom would be able to work in for film. Vancouver and Toronto are the two Canadian film cities.

This packing list actually covers two cities but they are of similar climates. I received a request for a 5-week trip to Vancouver and Denver, Colorado in the middle of winter. The two cities don’t have long, drawn out, cold winters like many other cities. In fact they both start to get warmer in February and many times you will see flowers starting to bloom at that time (in Vancouver at least). I can remember my mom once having to mow the lawn in February which is pretty crazy.

I didn’t include any winter or cold weather boots in this list because honestly the snow is minimal (if any at all), the roads/sidewalks will be clear for walking, and the temperatures will range from around 7°C and up to the mid teens. But if you feel that you need some sort of winter boot then just omit one of the choices I included. Five weeks are a long time but with access to laundry you can get away without bring too much. You can change-up the looks a lot with different accessories so you shouldn’t get to board with not bringing a lot. Don’t forget that all the items listed aren’t to be packed. Your travel outfit comes from the pieces I include, and should be selected from the heavier/bulkier, harder to pack items that will take up the most room in your suitcase.

It’s been noted that a waterproof jacket might be a good idea to bring, an umbrella can easily be bought if needed but a waterproof jacket will come in handy especially if you are going to be doing a lot of out of the city walking and sightseeing. Something like this that has a lining, is hooded, and wind/waterproof will be sufficient because you can layer a sweater underneath. You also have to remember that what is considered cold to one person won’t be to another so if the temperatures are dramatically colder than you usually experience, then you need to pack accordingly since it will take a bit to acclimate. I have friends who go to Disney World every winter from here (Toronto area), and every single time they go they say that while they are running up and down the beach enjoying the weather which seems warm to them most Floridians wear coats and jackets because it is freezing to them. Dress for your personal comfort.

The outfit are found in this post.

Did you move around a lot as a child?

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Vancouver Photo via © Can Stock Photo / kwest19

What I Wore This Week and some Thoughts on the New Year


What I Wore this Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore this Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore this Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore this Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore this Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

Outfit 1 – Sweater • H&M | Pants • H&M | Purse • Zara (similar) | Shoes • Adidas
Outfit 2 – Sweater • H&M | Pants • H&M | Jacket • Zara (similar) | Shoes • Converse | Watch • Daniel Wellington
Outfit 3 – Blouse • H&M (similar) | Sweater • Mango | Jeans • Zara | Shoes • Converse | Knit Hat • old (similar)  | Purse • Zara (similar)
Outfit 4 – Plaid Shirt • Zara (similar) | Jeans • Zara
Outfit 5 – Leather Jacket • Zara | Skirt • Zara (similar)

When I was young I thought at this age I would have it all figured out. I would have my shit together, confidence, and a mental maturity that seems like the epitome of grown up. What no adult tells you is that while physically you age, mentally you will still retain that 18-year-old self to an extent. While I may not give as many fucks anymore, I still hate making doctors appointments, ordering pizza, and entertaining(my small talk skills suck). They make me nervous and I literally have to write down what I am going to say so I don’t mess it up. For 2017 I want to try to get out of my comfort zone a bit. Maybe join a class, or a book club. I’d really like to take some college classes as well. We shall see.

While I am still learning French, it’s not as much or as focused as I would like so I want to change that. I also want to throw another language in to the mix. I’m thinking either Dutch, Swedish, or Danish. Rosetta Stone keeps sending holiday sale emails and it’s really hard not to order one. When it comes down to it there are so many other affordable or free programs that work just as well if not better but Rosetta Stone has a “fun” factor. Damn that user-friendly and fun interface ;)

My last area I would like to work on is my health and wellness. I need to smarten up and realize that I have reached an age where I have to seriously start taking care of myself. Self neglect is a bad habit to break and I have to try to find a workout regime that actually works for me. Any suggestion for someone who has to workout from home?

Do you have any goals or resolutions for this year?

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How to style a Pair of Oxfords

How to Style Oxford Shoes 10 Looks One Pair of Shoes via #livelovesara

Oxfords have been around forever with their menswear inspired roots but the last couple of years have become a fashion staple in many women’s wardrobes. They are extremely versatile and be taken from casual, to workwear, to dressy with ease. I love the look of oxfords, I don’t have a pair though. The closest I have come was with a pair of 3-hole oxford style Dr. Marten’s. I still love Doc Marten’s and totally regret getting rid of them all.

I received an email from someone who has this pair of Cole Haan black oxfords and she is stuck in a style rut with them. She asked me if I could put together some outfit ideas to give her some inspiration on how to pair them with a range of different looks. I put together 10 outfits that cover many different styles and occasions with examples of causal to dressy and everything in between. Oxfords are easy to wear if you don’t over think it. They add a fun touch to a super feminine outfit, but also a casual coolness to leather and jeans.

When it comes to pulling off a look, as long as you feel good in it, and confident you can wear anything. Below are the 10 outfit ideas I put together using the above Cole Haan Oxfords as the shoe.

You can find some other outfit ideas on Pinterest here.

Happy New Year Guys! See you next week. A Vancouver packing list is on the agenda.

Links for the Outfits are below.

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How to Style Oxford Shoes 10 Looks One Pair of Shoes via #livelovesara

Outfit 1 – Striped Shirt • Uniqlo | Jeans • H&M | Jacket • Mango | Purse • Matt & Nat |
Outfit 2 – Sweater • H&M |  Wide Leg Pants • H&M | Black Purse • Elle & Jae Gypset |
Outfit 3 – Wrap Top • H&M | Waxed Jeans • H&M | Snakeskin Clutch • Topshop |
Outfit 4 – White Blouse • H&M | Blazer • H&M | Jeans • H&M | Colour Block Purse • Neiman Marcus |
Outfit 5 – White T-shirt • J.Crew | Boyfriend Jeans • Madewell | Cardigan • H&M | Cabernet Bag • Madewell |
Outfit 6 – Grey Cardigan • Uniqlo | Black Pants • H&M | Hat • Iris & Ink | Crossbody • Dune |
Outfit 7 – Striped Dress • Knot Sisters | Sunglasses • Nordstrom | Cognac Purse • Neiman Marcus |
Outfit 8 – Wrap Shirt • Topshop | Skirt • H&M | Velvet Clutch • Asos |
Outfit 9 – Navy Sweater • H&M | Jacket • Mango | Jeans • H&M | Scarf • Roxy | Two Tone Purse • Farfetch |
Outfit 10 – White T-shirt • J.Crew | Waxed Jeans • H&M | Blazer • H&M | Pink Clutch • Asos |