What I Wore This Week

What I wore. I am wearing an oversized fuzzy, cream, v-neck, faux leather leggings, a man cut overcoat, and converse.

What I wore. I am wearing a Bowie t-shirt, wide leg jeans, a check blazer, and red Everlane Day shoes.

What I wore. I am wearing a black knit turtleneck, cropped jeans, and vintage green New Balance sneakers.

What I wore. I am wearing a Mr. Rogers t-shirt, and a checkered blazer.

Outfit 1 – Oversized sweater (similar) | Faux leather leggings | Coat | Purse | Sneakers
Outfit 2 – T-shirt | Blazer (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Purse | Shoes
Outfit 3 – Turtleneck | Jeans | Purse | Sneakers (similar) |  
Outfit 4 – T-shirt | Blazer (similar)


The weather is starting to get quite cool here, and there was even a light dusting of snow a couple of days ago and Merle needs new winter boots. She grew out hers from last year and I have hoped that there would be a sale somewhere so I can buy her a pair without paying full price, because let’s be honest….she’ll grow out of them in 1-2 years. I’m hoping for at least two years.

We do a lot of walking in the winter so they need to be decent quality. I have kept a look-out at the thrift stores since Roo and I have had such great success there but now that we are fully in the season there doesn’t seem to be any. Either there is none or they are in terrible condition.

I received an email today for Soft Moc which is a Canadian footwear store with a 25% off coupon code, so I headed over to look and see what kind of deal I could find. Apparently winter boots were exempt from the code which makes no sense because I guarantee the majority of people trying to use that code were looking to buy winter footwear. Now I am going to have to take a gamble on Black Friday. Hopefully someone has a good sale going on so I can pick her up a pair. I just hope the weather doesn’t turn for the worst before that. 

On a positive boot note; Tom found me a pair of combat boots at Value Village for $18. After I searched the brand online and found comparable styles I saw that they retail anywhere from $700-$1000. That’s our best find so far. The brand is Officine Creative which is an Italian brand. I can’t believe some of the things people donate, and I can’t believe the workers who priced it totally missed that these are a luxury brand. It worked out for me though 😉 

I hope you guys have a great week. I think I am starting to pull some gift guide ideas this week because it is sneaking up fast. Seriously though, is it just me or does it feel like summer just ended?

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  1. Oh do I envy those combat boots, but I’m so happy you scored them (many thanks to Tom). I have my fingers crossed you will find those winter boots for Merle ASAP. Cheers, Ardith

  2. They were a ridiculously good find. I truly can’t believe that someone donated them, because they are something that you would find in a higher end used clothing store for much more money than $18. Value Village is weird like that which is why you have to stop by weekly to catch the new stuff.

    It was supposed to snow this week but so far so good. My fingers are crossed that we will make it to Good Friday so I can order some, because paying almost $100 for kids boots is ridiculous.

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