What I Wore This Week

I am wearing HIghwaist bootcut jeans, a white blouse, Madewell Boardwalk sandals, and a large circle bag.

I am wearing a black camisole, boyfriend jeans, a vintage fedora, and Madewell Boardwalk sandals, and a large circle bag.

I am wearing a black t-shirt, skinny jeans, a tweed jacket, and Madewell Boardwalk sandals, and a large circle bag.

Outfit 1 – Blouse | Jeans | Watch | Sandals | Bag | Sunglasses |
Outfit 2 – Camisole | Jeans | Fedora | Watch | Sandals | Bag |
Outfit 3 – Jacket (similar) | T-shirt | Jeans | Sandals | Bag |
Outfit 4 – Dress (similar) | Utility shirt (similar) | Watch | Sandals | Bag |

*My bag in all the above photos is currently on sale for $39.99 this weekend.


We went to Fan Expo yesterday and I swear that I am still recovering. I am TIRED today. There is something about massive crowds that really zap the energy out of you, and there were tons of people there. There were some great cosplay costumes there, even a couple of Krampus which were amazing even though they must have been so hot. You can see Merle’s costume below 🙂

I am going to get this post done and then spend the rest of the night planning out most of our schooling because although I have most of it sitting around or purchased I actually haven’t sat down to organize and plan it out. That will probably take me tomorrow as well. I think that I am going to try put Homeschool Planet which is a homeschool planner. I am usually a pen and paper person but this allows me to get everything planned out per day/per kid and switch or shift things around with ease which isn’t easy when you write it down. It also keeps grades, and the kids can access it to check things off as they work. You can print out transcripts which is helpful as well, and it has a free trial so I’m not out anything if I don’t like it.

Merle is watching the Corpse Bride tonight which I am surprised she hasn’t seen before since The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of her all time favourite movies. We saw some of the character figures for sale at Fanexpo and it made her want to watch it. peaking of Fanexpo again, I could have easily dropped hundreds if not thousands dollars yesterday because there was so much amazing stuff. The collectables are great but you can usually find them other places for cheaper. It’s the artist alley that you want to go through. Tables and tables of people taking all the movies/characters/things you know and love and using their own form of art to showcase them. It really is a fantastic experience to walk through and see all that talent. We always love supporting the artists in that area and we picked up a lot of unique things. Tom got crocheted Rick and Morty characters. I’m not really sure how I feel about those  😉

Luna Lovegood children's cosplay halloween costume for Comicon or Fanexpo.

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