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Tomorrow is Fan Expo which is like Comicon but actually bigger, and me being the procrastinator that I am only finished Merle’s skirt today for her costume. I also still have to repair Roo’s Hogwarts school sweater and shorten Merle’s purse strap tonight before bed.

To go along with my procrastination I have to put together the girls school stuff this weekend for our back to school start on Tuesday. The first week back is probably going to be pretty lax anyway, since I am still waiting for a couple of school books to arrive, and Roo has to get a cavity filled on Wednesday.

I’ll post a picture of Merle in her finished costume on my Instagram in the morning. She always loves this weekend because she gets to do a trial run on this year’s Halloween costume.

There are lots of sales going on over the next few days and everything I linked comes from a retailer that is having a sale or has a coupon code (except number 22 which is from Zara and we all know they rarely have sales).

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

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Why the “Target Trick” Could Help Eliminate Junk Drawers from Your Life Entirely

10 Slow-Cooker Keto Recipes That Will Leave You Saying, “Damn, That Was Easy”. I don’t have a Keto diet but these look really good.

How to Start a Legit Workout Program Without Joining a Gym.

The 35 Best Fall Books of 2018.

15 Real-life Hidden Treasures That Haven’t Been Found Yet.


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