Outfit of the Day and Value Village Haul

Outfit of the Day 6 #ootd

Holy shit I look really short in this picture. I guess that is inescapable since I am actually not super tall but not as short as this makes me look. I fall at 5’3″ just under the average 5’4″ – 5’7″ range.. It’s probably the boots that add to the shortness since they hit my knee but that is okay, I still love them. So this is my outfit of the day. Before you go, “that’s not your outfit of the day! There is no way you were wearing that many layers today because it was really hot and humid.” I confess that this was yesterday’s (Sunday) outfit when it was rainy and a hell of a lot cooler out. It was perfect weather.

I took this shot while we were shopping at Value Village. In a large part of the United States Value Village is called Savers if you were wondering what a Value Village was. We go here a lot. Actually we purge at least on a monthly basis and donate a minimum of one garbage bag sized bag of clothes and/or toys each time. Then we go right back in and buy more stuff. It kind of defeats the purpose of purging but sometimes we can find some really good stuff in there.

When I was planning this season’s capsule wardrobe  I included a pair of black converse hi tops in it. I also mentioned that I hadn’t actually bought them yet and was hoping to get a pair for Mother’s Day after dropping a lot of hints. I didn’t get them so I have saved a few bucks here and there to buy a pair. They are only $54.99 on sale at Soft Moc but some weeks $54.99 is better spent on groceries so I haven’t justified buying them yet. My wait paid off and yesterday I not only did I find a pair of black converse in my size, but I also a purple pair. I found both at Value Village for $8.99. Two for less than half the price of one new pair. They are both in great condition and pretty much look new. The black pair has a little separation of the canvas from the rubber on the side but it is nothing that a little Shoe Goo can’t fix. I worked in a skateboard shop and know the miraculous abilities that Shoe Goo has for fixing shoes.

Converse hi tops

I threw them in the washing machine and let them air dry. They look great!

Outift of the Day 6 #ootd

Hat | Ramones Tee | Jeans | Faux Leather Jacket | Hunter Wellies | Watch | Purse

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