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Every once in a while you come across something interesting/awesome/delicious/funny/smart online that you feel the need to share online (like women scientists taking to Twitter to post “sexy” pictures of themselves at work to fight sexism with the hashtag #DistractinglySexy). In most cases I either pin it to Pinterest or share it via a public Facebook post. Those things get lost on pages after time so I thought I would post some things here that caught my attention so I can keep track of it. Kind of like an online bookmark. Here is a list of links and things that I came across this week.

1. How to fill Brows to Look Hairy. This tutorial from Maskcara is so helpful. I have brow issues ever since I was a teen and super  over plucked brows were in. Damn you 90’s skinny brow trend!

2. If you are anything like me then your pantry is not well stocked. You buy just what you need to get through the week, maybe a few extra things to stock up if they are on sale. I have basic spices and cooking ingredients  but there are many times that I want to make something and I am missing an ingredient. Like, how often do you have heavy cream in your fridge? This list of 100 Emergency Recipe Substitutions  can help you out in a pinch.

3. Roo is so excited that they have just released Doctor Who Funko’s and are going to release Harry Potter editions in July. Anyone else have kids who love Funko’s?

4. 23 Amazing Ways to Eat a Baked Potato for Dinner. I really don’t know why I don’t buy more potatoes (and sweet potatoes). I love them and since I usually end up eating something different from the girl for dinner because they are so picky these would be amazing.

5. I love this shirt because a) I actually am really polite, and b) I say fuck a lot. Totally fitting.

6. Some of these 12 Signs You’re Meant to Live in Paris are far-fetched for me but some I do/appreciate like cheese and baguette, white bedrooms, wrought iron balconies, and Paris memorabilia. Paris is on my Bucket List for places to visit and live.

7. 10 of the best family trips to take with kids aged 2 to 7 from Wanderlust magazine lists a variety of places for families to travel if you like adventure.

8. This looks amazing. Amazing. Best Ever Hot Chocolate French Toast. This is the type of thing I could eat until I almost puke.


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