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Are we shopping for fall fashion yet? Because I am completely over summer and now that the Zara sale has commenced and July almost here, it’s the wind down of summer shopping.

I bought one thing from the sale. I was in and done online within a minute because my cart was prepped and ready.

I ended up with a herringbone fall jacket that I sized up in because I had an inspirational photo of an outfit in my folders for years and haven’t found a jacket that checked the right boxes.

I do want to say that the jacket is fantastic. It arrived today and it was one of those pieces that looked the same in person as online. It is usually extremely hit or miss with me when I buy from Zara.

More misses than hits but this was a winner so I recommend checking to see if there are any returns if your site is sold out because it is a great in between weather jacket.

It looks as though the US site has full stock and is actually more expensive than the Canadian site which is rare, but still worth it or you can risk waiting to see if the price lowers more.

I’m doing a how I wear it in the summer and fall Instagram post tomorrow (today now I guess) using the same base outfit, and I will include the jacket so you can get a look at it if you want.

There was a yellow blazer that was originally on my list, but then I felt that I wouldn’t get that much use because of the colour even though I loved it. I wish it was grey or blue.

Now I am quite looking forward to fall even though that means I have to think about Christmas shopping again.

In the interim, something to look forward to is the opening of Spirit Halloween in August. That is always a fun time of year. This year apparently we are looking for Fallout merch in our household.

In case you missed it, I posted a summer capsule focused on elevated basics yesterday.

Weekly Reads and Some Videos:

Please sign the letter to save the Ontario Science Centre. Ford has been trying to find excuses to close it because it is a prime piece of land that will benefit his cronies. It’s unacceptable and absolutely repairable. Many people have offered to help fund the repairs. It would be a huge loss if it closed for good.

Paramount has taken offline the entire MTV News archive as well as Comedy Central, CMT, and TV Land websites, including 20 years of material from The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and South Park. Thank goodness for data hoarders who download and back up all kinds of defunct websites so they never completely disappear.

The White Death. This was a big yikes for me. I had no idea it was still this prevalent. Geez.

Updated advice about lightning safety when you’re outdoors.

Phaidon has released a new version of their classic The Art Book for Children

Asking AI to generate a video of the Tour de France. So bad, but funny in a terrible way.

How do actors memorize their lines?

Is “Making It” a Myth?

A Butt load was an actual unit of measurement. Lol. I use this measurement often in a non-specific amount way.

A High-Tech Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster

In Search of the Rarest Book in American Literature: Edgar Allan Poe’s Tamerlane

Practice Your French While Time Travelling through 1980s Paris.

Preemie Sharks Get by With a Little Help From an Artificial Uterus

Explore present and future climate zones for dozens of global cities. Really depressing to look through.

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Weekly Reads and Finds 282


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