What I Wore This Week 282

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing an oversized button up layered under a black cashmere sweater, blue Adidas track pants, animal print loafers, and an Issey Miyake bag.

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing a Vision Streetwear t-shirt, vintage Levis, a vintage aviator jacket, Adidas sneakers, and an animal print bag.

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing a black silk blouse, white Adidas track pants, a vintage red blazer, mesh flats, and a vintage Gucci bag.

Sara of livelovesara is standing in front of a mirror taking a photo of her outfit. She is wearing a long grey turtleneck sweater, kick flares, a vintage trench, black boots, and a grey Balenciaga bag.

Outfit 1 – Oversized Button Up (old) | Sweater | Joggers | Loafers (similar) | Bag
Outfit 2 – T-shirt | Vintage Aviator | Vintage Jeans | Sneakers | Socks | Bag (similar)
Outfit 3 – Silk Blouse | Joggers | Vintage Blazer | Mesh Flats | Bag
Outfit 4 – Sweater | Kick Flares | Vintage Trench | Boots (similar) | Bag

As per pretty much every Easter in our family’s existence, today was all about sleeping, candy, and staying in our pyjamas. I opted out of making anything fancy for dinner tonight because I always feel like it is maximum effort for minimum enjoyment.

So I made something everyone is guaranteed to eat…spaghetti.

This afternoon I found a gift card in my wallet for Chapters Indigo from last summer that I had forgotten about, so I finally spent it today on something that caught my eye last time I was in there.

It’s totally right up my alley, and since it was only available for store pickup, I am going to see if the smaller version is there too.

I’m not really a plant person, nor do I like buying flowers, so I am either going to find a cool fake plant to go in it or just use it for something else.

I don’t really care for its purpose because I just wanted it regardless of what I plan on using it for.

Okay, so you know how I mentioned that I found a green vintage sweater on Etsy, and it got lost in the mail? I was so bummed about it since you don’t see quality cashmere sweaters in that colour often but I found another one!

Not the same but equally as good.

I actually found two sweaters from this same Etsy shop, and I am following their tracking carefully hoping that they too don’t get lost.

I’m a little wary that they are going to be huge, but I am holding out hope that they will be delightfully oversized. The green is a V-neck, and the brown is a polo style.

They will be great transitional sweaters and then will carry into fall and winter perfectly.

Green in this family of tones is predicted to be huge this spring which makes me happy that I’ll see more in my favourite colour.

But then also sad that it is going to be everywhere. Alas, that is the trend cycle, unfortunately.

Etsy has been good to me lately for finding some treasures. That Helmut Lang blazer that I found arrived a couple of days ago and I almost wept when I saw it.

The fit and quality are perfection.

I am slowly trying to transition my wardrobe to be mostly secondhand and vintage with some new sprinkled in, instead of the other way around.

It is a slow process but I am pleased with its progression.

Also, I was talking on my Instagram stories about how I loathe the dressing rooms in Aritzia and I wondered how many customers they lost because people didn’t want to use changerooms with a communal mirror.

Based on the DMs I got about it, a lot of you feel the same.

I’m going to go with most people feel the same which makes me wonder what they are thinking?

If you have an aspect about your business that people hate, and actually causes people not to buy from you, but is easily changeable and would make a world of difference, yet you dig your feet in and refuse.

What kind of message does that send?

I know it is a marketing/sales thing so the associates can hype you up and talk you into buying more, but no. That doesn’t work for most people and we either aren’t coming out or avoiding it entirely.

I tried on some trousers in Babaton which is an Aritzia brand and didn’t come out of the room. I just used it to determine fit, and then ordered online.

The sales associate kept coming to the curtained door and talking to me through it was annoying because I am a solitaire shopper.

When I came out I told her that I couldn’t decide between the more fitted or larger size for a relaxed vibe.

She said definitely fitted. Meanwhile, I am dressed head to toe relaxed so she wasn’t considering my style.

Anyway, I left them there and then ordered the relaxed from home.

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What I Wore This Week 281


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