What I Wore This Week 276

A blonde woman is wearing an oversized sweater, baggy cargo pants, mesh flats, and a vintage handbag.

A blonde woman is wearing a wrap sweater, vintage Levi's, moto boots, and a Ferragamo bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a black sweater, oversized cargo pants, a vintage Ralph Lauren coat, Adidas, and a vintage Louis Vuitton bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a white button up, vintage Levi's, mesh sandals, a vintage animal print coat, and a Balenciaga bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a bell sleeve coat, cuffed jeans, a white t-shirt, black boots, and a vintage Gucci bag.

Outfit 1 – Sweater | Cargos | Mesh flats | Vintage Bag
Outfit 2 – Wrap Sweater (similar) | Vintage Jeans | Moto Boots | Bag (similar)
Outfit 3 – Sweater | Cargos | Vintage Coat | Sneakers | Vintage Bag
Outfit 4 – Button Up (similar) | Vintage Levi’s | Flats | Vintage Coat | Socks | Handbag
Outfit 5 – T-shirt | Jeans (similar) | Coat (old consignment) | Boots (similar) | Vintage Bag

Let’s do a trip back to the late 90s/ early 2000s or early aughts like they are referred to. Do you remember when Adidas, Puma, Diesel, and I am sure several others that I can’t think of had a sneaker ballet flat?

They were a fun hybrid that is really rare to find on the secondhand market, which was probably because we wore them until they were worn out.

You know, like we did back in those days? Actually wore our stuff until it wore out.

Anyway, Zara released a really cute and inexpensive version of these. I bought the light pink and I really like them.

Of course we get the first snowstorm of the season literally the day they arrived, so I can’t wear them yet, but they are going to be so fun for spring and summer.

I have an average to narrow foot and always wear an 8-8.5 US. I got an 8 in these and they are perfect with a little room. I might have been able to get away with a 7.5 which is rare for me, so I would say these sway a bit big.

These are going to coincide with the 90s and 2000s trends coming back. And as I mentioned in my Instagram stories today, it would be really worthwhile for these companies to bring these styles back.

Nostalgia sells, both for the young and people who experienced it the first time.

These would sell guaranteed, and since they have the designs already I would think it would be like when they bring out any archived model again.

So, I had an epiphany that I am a shoe person. I can wear the same thing over and over, but I love to change up my shoes.

I didn’t realize this about myself.

Everyone has a weakness.

But before buying like I always do, I make myself come up with a minimum of three outfits that I can wear the item with.

The easier it is for me, the better the purchase usually ends up being.

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  1. I had a pair of Diesel flats/Mary Janes that I wore until they literally fell apart. Was OBSESSED, and have been looking for them ever since!

  2. Thanks for the Zara ballet flat/sneaker rec, got them and love them! So comfortable too. Might need a second pair as backup once these are done with.

    • I’m glad you love them! I can’t wait until streets clear here so I can wear them without fear of ruining the satin 😂

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