What I Wore This Week

A blonde woman is wearing an animal print coat, Anine Bing sweatshirt, jeans, derby shoes, retro sunglasses, and a vintage Fendi bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a blue button-up, jeans, black boots, vintage blue velvet coat, and a vintage bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a green cardigan, men's trouser, an animal print belt, oversized leather jacket, derby shoes, and a houndstooth bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a grey sweater, men's trousers, ballet flats, a grey beanie, and a vintage bucket bag.

Outfit 1 – Sweatshirt | Coat | Jeans | Shoes (similar) | Sunglasses | Bag
Outfit 2 – Button Up | Jeans | Vintage Coat (similar) | Boots (similar) | Vintage Purse
Outfit 3 – Cardigan | Vintage Trousers | Belt | Leather Jacket | Shoes | Purse
Outfit 4 – Sweater | Trousers | Shoes | Beanie | Vintage Bag

I made it through this Cyber Weekend of sales without buying anything except some groceries. Not really from lack of wanting to buy things though.

It was more like a lack of funds to buy things.

I have a huge want list. And a million tabs open to the pages, so I can keep on window shopping and be sad when they sell out because apparently, I like to torture myself.

I watched Wednesday this weekend in its entirety and really enjoyed it. It was one that I was really looking forward, so I am glad that it wasn’t disappointing.

I always like to have a show running while I am working as background noise. I can’t do music because I find it too distracting which is the complete opposite of my high school self doing homework.

I feel like the working part of my brain is also the part that processes music, and they fight each other for my attention.

When I have a show playing, I can listen to it in the background but also use the creative part of my brain.

I don’t even know if that makes sense.

Anyway, I am on what feels like zero sleep. 4:30 am I think last night, then awake at 6 unable to sleep again until 7, then a couple more hours and I had to get up to feed the kitten.

So my brain feels like mush, and I am honestly impressed with myself that I finished this post early tonight because that never happens.

I also managed to get a grocery shop in, with an actual list of dinner ideas for 4/5 days this week. That also never happens because I suck at meal planning and follow through.

Two birthdays down, one to go, then Christmas. How fast it went by this year is boggling. I am also getting anxious about whether our landlords will let us stick around for another year.

I like this place a lot.

Rent renewal comes up in February I think, and I always get nervous that landlords (past and present) either will say they are moving family in or try to get us out, so they can charge more.

The uncertainty of renting is something that I really hate, but we are completely priced out of buying and moving is not an option due to my husband’s job.

It’s either here, or in Vancouver where it is even more expensive.

Although it is nicer out there both in weather and environment.

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