What I Wore This Week

A blonde woman is wearing a cream sweater, tan trousers, Birkenstock sandals with socks, and a houndstooth handbag.
A blonde woman is wearing a Ganni sweatshirt, vintage trousers, cherry Doc Martens, and a vintage Prada bag.
A blonde woman is wearing a Anine Bing sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, an oversized leather jacket, and a houndstooth handbag.
A blonde woman is wearing a Ganni sweatshirt, flare jeans, a vintage trench coat, yellow flats, and a vintage Prada purse.

Outfit 1 – Sweater | Trousers | Sandals | Purse
Outfit 2 – Sweatshirt | Vintage Trousers | Boots | Purse
Outfit 3 – Sweatshirt | Jeans | Leather Coat | Loafers | Purse
Outfit 4 – Sweatshirt | Jeans | Vintage Trench Coat | Flats | Purse

If you ever shop on Poshmark, you know that they often have deals where if the seller drops their price by a certain amount they will slash shipping, and other various incentives.

This weekend, a lot of sellers seem to be doing closet clearouts and having big sales.

I go through listings all the time and then “like” them, which means click the heart, so it saves to my likes list.

That way I get notifications if someone puts an offer in before me, or anytime the price drops, and any new sales by the seller.

I scored this weekend with a few 50% off bundle sales.

I was able to score a handful of things off my like list for super slashed prices.

I love shopping secondhand.

The thrill of finding a treasure at a great price is way better than the thrill of buying something new.

I’m currently waiting to see if a seller accepts my offer on a pair of shoes that I was really excited to see listed.

Most people who shop regularly on Poshmark know this tip already, but there are many that don’t so I thought I would share how I manage to find things for a great deal.

Maybe I should write a blog post on my tips for shopping secondhand online. I think I have already pondered this, but apparently forgot.

So I am putting it fresh back into my mind.

It was freezing out today. So much for the March goes in a like a lion out like a lamb saying. I think that it reversed itself this year.

Stay safe.

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  1. I live in San Diego California and we love socks and sandals here, LOL, it’s been a thing here for as long as I can remember, ummmm at least since the 70’s!

    • Haha! People like to equate it as a 90s dad thing but it totally makes sense and is comfortable 😂

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